The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0395

Chapter 395: She Could No Longer Afford This Love

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Li Sicheng nodded and put two pillows behind Su Qianci’s waist to make her more comfortable before he turned around to get her congee.

Hugging the blanket, she couldn’t stop her eyes from getting wet. Seeing his figure, she felt her heart wrench inside of her chest. He had never treated someone so nicely, not even grandpa. He loved her. However, she could no longer afford this love.

“Li Sicheng.” Su Qianci bit on the comforter and caught him.

Without turning back, he answered, “Yes?” There was relief in his tone, because she had been rescued.

Hearing his voice, she hugged the blanket tighter and called again, “Li Sicheng…”

“Yes.” Li Sicheng turned around to look at her and found her face covered in tears. He brought the hot congee to her and placed it on the table. “It’s all right now. Don’t cry.” He moved to wipe her tears away like he used to, but Su Qianci dodged his hand and buried her face into the blanket. He thought she was still terrified.

But that was not true… Rather, she was scared of…

“Come here. Have some congee.” He lifted her face and fed a spoonful of congee to her. She opened her mouth and ate it. Her fever was getting better, but her appetite was not. It took her about 20 minutes to finish the bowl of congee. Without any impatience, he insisted on feeding her another bowl. She forced herself to take two sips, but in the end, she could no longer eat. Li Sicheng finally gave up and put the food away.

“I want to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay.” He grabbed the down jacket he had brought for her and put it on her shoulders before he lifted the blanket and carried her in his arms to the bathroom. Su Qianci had been transferred to the VIP room with a private bathroom. After peeing, she opened the door. He carried her back.

“I have to wash my hands…”

“Don’t get yourself wet. Use a wipe.” He put her down on the bed and gave her a sanitizing wipe.

With a blush, she slowly wiped her hands clean. “Sloppy!”

“That’s you.” He arched an eyebrow.

She threw the used wipe in a trashcan under the bed and gazed at his forehead. “What happened to your head?”

“I bumped into something.” Li Sicheng reached out to take her jacket off. “Rest some more.”

Su Qianci knew he was trying to change the subject and so she gave him a little push, insisting, “That does not look like it.”

“Bad luck– it was bleeding, so I had to put some gauze on it.” He sounded calm and a bit helpless.

She would take his words for it for now. However, she refused to take off the jacket and said, “Rong Haiyue, Rong Haiyue saved me.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Where is he now? He was shot, and I heard he had lost a lot of blood and is in the ICU.”

“I went to see him. He is doing better than you.”

As an officer, he was much stronger than Su Qianci was.

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