The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0402

Chapter 402: Hooking up

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Su Qianci let out a yelp, “Caucasian? He’s mixed?”

“Yes.” Li Sicheng tapped on his phone and found the video that was once hacked by Rong Rui. “This is the video Rong Rui gave to Luo Zhan.”

“There is a video? Why didn’t he make it public earlier?”

“He was not willing to. And there was nothing I could do.”

“Why did he change his mind then?”

“You need to ask Cheng You about that.”

Hearing his revealing remark, she blinked. “Cheng You and Rong Rui hooked up?”

He glanced at her and poked her forehead. “Don’t say that.”

She rubbed her head, shrinking back. “I mean are they together now?”

“No.” His look became complicated. “Cheng You could not handle him.”

“Yes, she can.” She thought of how obedient Rong Rui had been in her previous lifetime. “Cheng You has plenty of ways to handle him.”

Li Sicheng curled his lips and did not speak. Unless he was willing to, Rong Rui was not someone who could be forced to do anything. He knew better than anyone what kind of person Cheng You was. It was impossible that she could keep Rong Rui in check. However, not wanting to argue with Su Qianci, he shut his mouth.

When they arrived at Kingstown First Hospital, Li Sicheng took her to where the baby was. In the newborn nursery, babies were lying in their own glass boxes. The nurse pointed one baby out, and Su Qianci glanced over. A baby the size of a cat. His skin wrinkly, he stared back at her with his blue pupils, looking innocent. Shw looked through the glass wall, mesmerized.

“Mixed…” Su Qianci asked, “Who is his father?”

“No idea.” Li Sicheng put an arm around her shoulder. “Just a one night stand. There are so many Australians. It’s not like we could find him either.” Moreover, he would not spend the effort.

“Poor baby.” She gazed at the baby. “The child is innocent. The Tang family is a mess right now, so there’s no way Tang Mengying will choose to raise him. Without a dad and being a preemie…”

“They checked him up and found he has some issues with his lungs and respiratory system.” He looked at her. “I will pay for the best care, and when he’s healthy, I will send him to a welfare center.”

“Welfare center?” She looked at him incredulously. “For such a small baby.”

“This is the only way to increase his chance of adoption.” He gazed at her. “Do you want to raise him yourself?”

“I…” She was speechless. Under his gaze, her voice became smaller. “No.” She did not even have a future herself, so there was no way she could ask Li Sicheng to raise this baby.

“This world is unfair. He is unfortunate to have a mother like Tang Mengying, but he has no options.” Li Sicheng ruffled her hair and whispered, “Don’t overthink this. If we really adopt him, he might even hate us in the future. It’s not wise.”

“Okay.” Su Qianci replied. “I want to see Tang Mengying.”

“I’ll take you.”

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