The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0286

Chapter 286: Stuff Her Bra Into Li Sicheng’s Mouth

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Captain Li quickly walked out and thoughtfully closed the door behind him. Even the neck of Su Qianci turned red. She wished she had somewhere to hide. Su Qianci covered her face and turned her head to the side. “Why did grandpa come…” So embarrassing… As she felt awkward, the man in front of her started to chuckle. Su Qianci and growled, “What’s so funny? Move away!”

Li Sicheng did not budge. Forcing her against the wall with his thigh, he whispered, “Grandpa asked us to continue. We should take his advice.” Then, he leaned closer.

Su Qianci gave him a stare, lifted her hand, and tried to push his face away. However, she forgot that she still holding her bra and ended up stuffing it into his mouth.

Li Sicheng looked down and narrowed his eyes. Feeling the soft fabric in his mouth, he slowly ground his teeth with a dangerous look in his eyes. Seeing that, Su Qianci immediately thought of his look when he bit her and couldn’t help clenching her legs. So erotic…

Feeling he was getting closer and closer, Su Qianci’s head was buzzing and her heart was racing. Gasping, she quickly turned her head to the side and pushed him away. Running into the bathroom, Su Qianci shut the door behind her. Locking the door as fast as possible, Su Qianci looked up in the mirror and saw herself with an obvious blush. She looked… so slutty…

What the heck? Weren’t they fighting? Why did they almost kiss? Mad at herself, Su Qianci gave herself a pinch and mumbled, “You’re so weak… That was super embarrassing!”

Li Sicheng stood still and smiled wider and wider. Tightening his grip on the bra she left behind, he glanced at her pajamas on the bed and arched an eyebrow. It seemed that she needed some clothing. As soon as he grabbed the pajamas, he heard the door of the bathroom opening.

Su Qianci walked over, blushed, and snatched the pajamas from him. Quickly running away, she looked like Li Sicheng would devour her if she were any slower.

With a smile, Li Sicheng reminded her, “Your bra.”

Su Qianci was even more bashful as she cried, “No need!”

“It’s okay if you don’t wear in it… I don’t really mind.”

Her legs getting weak, Su Qianci decided not to pay him any attention, and entered the bathroom.

Li Sicheng lit up. Having been depressed for more than a week, he eventually felt better. It seemed that it was the right decision to invite grandpa over for a while. Next, he will handle another matter. With a sharp look in his eyes, Su Qianci went to his study.

After her shower, Su Qianci saw Li Sicheng was gone and suddenly felt relaxed. She changed and went to talk to grandpa for a while before she returned to the master bedroom and fell asleep. However, at midnight, Su Qianci was awakened. Opening her eyes, she found she was in his arms. Su Qianci tried to move around, but found he was breathing evenly and having a good rest. However, his hand was placed on her chest, and she could clearly feel his body temperature.

Gritting her teeth, Su Qianci lifted his hand, wanting to move it away. However, it immediately fell on her butt. With a shudder, Su Qianci’s cheeks were flaming. Wiggling, she pushed him lightly and whispered, “Get your hands off me.”

However, since Li Sicheng was “asleep,” how could he hear her? He moved in his sleep, accidentally or otherwise…

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