The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0289

Chapter 289: Furious Grandpa

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Hearing grandpa’s words, everyone couldn’t help laughing. With a smile, Li Sicheng picked up a cilantro leaf and put it in grandpa’s bowl, saying, “Here.”

Grandpa was rendered speechless. Su Qianci chuckled and got grandpa some real food. Captain Li looked away and complained, “Too late.” Song Yifan and Sheng Ximing laughed. He felt very cozy.

Indeed, Su Qianci was unable to finish. Frowning at the food still occupying her bowl, she suddenly saw a big hand taking her bowl away and slowly started to eat. His moves were elegant, but Su Qianci suddenly blushed. It was her food, and he just did that in front of everyone… The guests were sophisticated enough not say anything, pretending that they had seen nothing, and continuing to have a good time.

After dinner, Nanny Rong put away the dishes and Su Qianci went to prepare a fruit plate. With the plate in her hand, she sat at the coffee table next to Li Sicheng naturally.

Song Yifan happily took a piece of fruit, looked at Li Sicheng and asked, “Have you made the decision on the venue?”

“Ireland.” Li Sicheng’s look was unusually soft as he glanced at Su Qianci. Ireland, where divorce used to be forbidden. That was a beautiful rule. The most romantic thing Li Sicheng could imagine was “till death do us part.”

Hearing that, Su Qianci was surprised and asked, “Why? It’s so far away.”

Li Sicheng’s eyes became dark as he smiled and said, “It’s pretty there.”

Su Qianci nodded and said, “But I prefer Venice. It is even prettier.”

“Ireland first, then we can go to Italy for honeymoon.”

“Honeymoon? We had that in Maldives…”

“It does not count.” Li Sicheng took a sip of his tea and said, “It will be just the two of us next time.”

Captain Li heard that and gave Li Sicheng a stare, complaining, “You think I’m the third wheel?”

Who’s the one who spent all the effort to help you and your wife be together?

He took a huge risk and helped him again this time so that the couple were good again! Bitter at heart, Captain Li exclaimed, “You little ungrateful bastard!”

Li Sicheng curled his lips. “Grandpa has taught me well.”

Captain Li turned his head away and decided not to bother responding. Grandpa was furious!

Su Qianci smiled as sweetness took over her heart. Happiness drowned her. With a lovely grandpa, her newly found dad, and him…

Catching a glimpse of her smile, Li Sicheng became soft and easy to approach as well. Seeing their interaction, Sheng Ximing had dispelled his concern.

Seeing Sheng Ximing looking at Li Sicheng and herself, Su Qianci blushed and fought back her smile, handing a piece of fruit to Sheng Ximing. “Uncle Sheng, fruit.”

Sheng Ximing smiled, took it from her hand and ate it.

“I want one as well.” Li Sicheng’s voice was cold, but he sounded like a little boy to Su Qianci.

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