The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0290

Chapter 290: She Felt Like a Thief

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Pretending not having heard anything, Su Qianci got herself a piece of apple and took a bite. Suddenly, she saw him approaching her and taking a bite of her apple.

Blushing immediately, she bristled at how Li Sicheng was acting so calmly. “Couldn’t you get your own?” Stealing her food and biting where she just bit? This was in front of everyone! He did not care about his image, but she did! Noticing the look of their guests, she blushed even more and bowed her head.

Li Sicheng seemed like he had noticed nothing and said matter-of-factly, “Yours is sweeter.”

“Song, we should leave now. This is so hard on bachelors like us.” Sheng Ximing could stand it no longer, and he stood up.

Song Yifan was also in a great mood. He got up as well and said, “All right. I happen to have some business to deal with. Let’s go.”

Giving Li Sicheng a stare, Su Qianci stuffed the rest of the apple into her mouth and got up to walk them out. After saying goodbye to Song Yifan and Sheng Ximing, Captain Li said he was going to take a walk. Su Qianci followed him hurriedly, and Li Sicheng of course followed her. The three of them ended up walking together.

The neighborhood was in great shape. Although autumn had come to Kingstown, the surroundings did not look all that different. The landscaping was perfectly designed, so everything was still lush and green.

Captain Li gasped, “Boy, you do know how to enjoy life. I had no idea that the neighborhood is so nice.”

Holding Captain Li’s arm, Li Sicheng said, “If you like it, there’s another house behind ours, a little bigger than the one we’re living in now.”

“I’m an old man, so there is no need for me to occupy such a huge space if I don’t have a great-grandson to play with.”

Hearing this topic, Su Qianci decided not to respond.

However, Li Sicheng was more than happy to discuss this and answered, “I would do it anytime. It’s up to her.”

Captain Li gazed at Su Qianci and let out a sigh. “Qianqian.”

She shuddered and cleared her throat. “Grandpa.”

“Well, grandpa is very old now and doesn’t have many days to live…”

“Nonsense,” she interrupted him. “You’re so healthy that you will live at least a hundred years.” In her previous lifetime, even when she and Li Sicheng finally got divorced, grandpa had been in good health. If it were not for Tang Mengying…

As if he had not heard her, Captain Li continued, “If you could give me a great-grandchild for me to hold in my arms, I would be more than happy.”

Embarrassed, Su Qianci said weakly, “I haven’t graduated from college yet.” More importantly, she was not ready. Everything she owned at the moment felt like it was stolen. She had no sense of security. She was afraid that one day she would wake up and find that this was all just a dream. When she woke up, this Li Sicheng would be gone, and Mr. Li would be back. When she woke up, she would still be the murderer, faced with the ending that she feared the most… Su Qianci couldn’t help tightening her grip on grandpa’s arm.

Knowing that he had spoken too soon, Captain Li smiled and said, “There is no hurry. Whenever you’re ready. The most important thing is that Qianqian’s happy. Isn’t that right, boy?”

Li Sicheng nodded.

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