The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0293

Chapter 293: At This Moment, He Only Wanted To Undress

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“Mom, I thought I was clear. Her child has nothing to do with me.”

In the living room of the old house, the landline was put on speaker. Holding the phone, Qin Shuhua looked at Tang Mengying who was leaning against the sofa with one hand on her belly, pleading with her eyes. Qin Shuhua knew that Tang Mengying couldn’t say anything and said to the phone, “But…”

Li Sicheng interrupted Qin Shuhua, “Is there anything else? If not, my wife and I are going to bed.”

Hearing that, Tang Mengying sobbed, and her tears fell.

Hearing the noise, Li Sicheng said nothing, while Su Qianci stared her eyes wide and said, “Tang Mengying is there as well? Isn’t she feeling uncomfortable? Shouldn’t she rest at home?”

Qin Shuhua felt embarrassed as she did not expect Su Qianci to be next to the phone and able to hear their conversation. Glancing at Tang Mengying, Qin Shuhua suddenly had an idea and said, “I’m visiting Tang Mengying in the hospital.” Li Sicheng glanced at the number and pursed his lips, whispering, “Mom, you are calling me from the landline at home.”

Qin Shuhua: “…”

Li Sicheng did not speak again and simply hung up.

Su Qianci couldn’t help chuckling. He even exposed his mother’s lie for her. Seeing Qin Shuhua hitting the wall, Su Qianci felt quite happy. That was what she got for favoring Tang Mengying!

Sitting on the bed, Su Qianci had a pillow and asked Li Sicheng, “You said that Tang Mengying’s baby has nothing to do with you, but why did she claim it is yours? Did you… not use protection?”

Hearing her words, Li Sicheng’s face dimmed. He squinted his eyes and leaned over her.

Seeing his look, Su Qianci felt nervous and shrank back. She braced herself to ask, “Is that… not true? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Li Sicheng bent a knee on the bed and went closer to her, whispering, “You think I had sex with her?”

Feeling anxious, Su Qianci wanted to run away, but Li Sicheng held her down and took her by the waist. Letting out a yelp, Su Qianci suddenly felt he was tickling her. As his fingers tickled her waist, Su Qianci couldn’t help laughing as she wriggled and struggled, “Stop it! Ha… Not there!” He did not listen at all and put a hand inside her clothes. His rough hand against her skin made her heart skipped a beat. Su Qianci begged, “Stop it! I’m dying here…”

Li Sicheng stopped, lying on top of her. Su Qianci then realized how intimate they were. Blushing, she pushed him away. “Get dressed. Aren’t you cold?”

“No, I’m not.”

At this moment, he only wanted to undress. Pushing her down, Li Sicheng gazed at Su Qianci with his deep eyes, his voice mellow. “Do you know that women are the most complicated creature in the world?”

Su Qianci blinked and her breath quickened.

“I only have one lifetime, and that was about enough time to study you alone. The others are simply irrelevant.”

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