The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0295

Chapter 295: Qin Shuhua’s Visit

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The first class was at 10 AM on the next day, so Su Qianci got up around 8:30. When she was awake, Li Sicheng was already gone. After washing, she went downstairs and found several guests came to visit.

Seeing Su Qianci coming downstairs, Qin Shuhua was upset. Checking the time, she said, “You got up too late. Fortunately, you do not live in the old house. Otherwise, all our neighbors would judge you for being a princess in the Li family.”

Depressed, Su Qianci forced a smile and called, “Mother.”

Qin Shuhua pursed her lips and glanced at Su Qianci, saying, “Li Sicheng went to work early. If you don’t have anything else to do, you should take an internship at his company. You’re not too young and should not waste your life.”

Su Qianci said, “I’m just about to go to school.”

“Oh, I almost forgot that you’re still in college. Isn’t this your junior year? When Tang Mengying was in her junior year, she had started to learn to invest and help her family. Although I’m not in the business, I know that Sicheng is working very hard. As his wife, you should try to help him.”

Su Qianci felt sour. This again! Qin Shuhua’s words were exactly the same as what she said in Su Qianci’s previous lifetime. Her mother-in-law never liked her and was always fond of Tang Mengying. Feeling sad, Su Qianci rebutted, “He earns enough, and we will have children after my graduation. Mother, you don’t need to worry about me doing nothing.”

Hearing that, Qin Shuhua looked angry and bristled, “You’re talking back now? You haven’t changed a bit!”

Su Qianci’s eyes became cold as she said, “Mother, you know very well whether I have changed or not. Now I am your son’s wife. No matter how much you like Tang Mengying, Sicheng will not accept her.”

Of course Qin Shuhua knew that, but thinking of the baby in Tang Mengying’s belly which was very likely Li Sicheng’s, she couldn’t help feeling thrilled. Hearing Su Qianci’s words, Qin Shuhua disliked her even more and snorted, “I think Sicheng has spoiled you. You’re even talking to me with an attitude.”

“Mother, I’m only reminding you of the fact. Although Tang Mengying is pregnant, she knows herself whether her baby is Li Sicheng’s. I trust Li Sicheng and know that he will not do anything to betray me.”

When Qin Shuhua was about to say something, and authoritative voice interrupted her, “Shuhua, what are you doing here?” Captain Li walked slowly down the stairs with his cane. Although his footsteps were light, there was an undeniable pressure emanating from him. That kind of pressure belonged to a truly powerful man. Su Qianci couldn’t help straightening up her back.

Qin Shuhua swallowed what she was about to say and said, “Father, I came to take you back. You’re no longer in good health, and Sicheng is too busy. I am afraid…”

“If you don’t get me upset, I will not die anytime soon.” Captain Li never liked Qin Shuhua very much. The woman was a lady that had not traveled much. She did not have much knowledge and was too sensitive. Although she had been married to Li Xiao for many years, she did not change much. Knowing how Qin Shuhua felt about Tang Mengying, Captain Li said sternly, “Now you have seen me, you could go back. When I die, you’ll be told to gather my body.”

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