The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0298

Chapter 298: Don’t Touch Me

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“Mr. Li…” Nanny Rong came over with a struggled look on her face. Eventually, she took out what she brought. “Captain Li saw this and had a heart attack. Look at it…”

Seeing Nanny Rong’s look, Li Sicheng knew it was nothing good. However, seeing what was written, he still became gloomy. Su Qianci looked at it and immediately saw Li Xiao’s name. Grandpa-grandchild test… 72.31%?

Su Qianci got closer and read the footnotes, feeling her heart sinking. Pinching her own arms, she looked up at Li Sicheng. Looking at him, Su Qianci felt incredulous and stepped back. Gazing at the DNA report, her heart was wrenched.

Li Sicheng still looked stern. Seeing how Su Qianci’s look had changed, he tightened his jawline. Turning his head, he gazed at Qin Shuhua sharply. “You brought this?”

Shocked by her son’s look, Qin Shuhua quickly bristled, “What’s that attitude? Is that the way to talk to your mother?”

“Was it you?” Staring at her, Li Sicheng tightened his grip on the test report. He wished he could tear the paper up and stuff it into Qin Shuhua’s mouth.

A bit frightened, Qin Shuhua said, “This is the test I did with your dad’s hair and Tang Mengying’s amniotic fluid. This morning, Tang Mengying brought me this test report. It says clearly that the baby she carries is your father’s grandson…”

Looking at Li Sicheng and Qin Shuhua, Su Qianci suddenly felt her knees were weak. Grandpa was hardly surviving in the emergency room, and there was hard proof of the affair between Tang Mengying and Li Sicheng… She was crushed with bad news after bad news which hit her like rocks, hard and heavy. Su Qianci squatted and started to shudder.

Noticing Su Qianci’s reaction, Nanny Rong came up and wanted to help her up. “Ma’am?”

Seeing what was going on, Li Sicheng quickly came over. However, before he touched her, she quickly moved away.

“Don’t touch me!” Su Qianci exclaimed hysterically, with her eyes full of tears.

Feeling suffocated, Li Sicheng wanted to go up. Feeling nauseous, Su Qianci kicked him in the chest and struggled with all her limbs, exclaiming, “Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me…”

Don’t touch me. You’re so dirty…

Su Qianci’s voice turned into sobs and then a wail as she collapsed in Nanny Rong’s arm.

Seeing Su Qianci like this, Nanny Rong felt terrible. Her eyes wet, Nanny Rong gave Li Sicheng a stare and condemned him, “You did this to her!”

Li Sicheng pursed his lips and only said, “Trust me.”

How could she trust him? The proof was right there. How could anyone trust him? Even Nanny Rong, who had brought Li Sicheng up, did not trust him.

“It wasn’t me.” Li Sicheng grasped the report, gritted his teeth, and squatted. “It was not me!”

Holding Nanny Rong, Su Qianci cried out loud, unwilling to look back at him at all. The door of the emergency room finally opened.

Su Qianci immediately got up and ran toward the doctor. “How did it go?”

The doctor dodged and said, “Luckily, the CPR was done in time. You need to pay attention and make sure that the patient not be exposed to violent emotions again. He needs to stay stable.”

Hearing that, Su Qianci’s heart was returned to its place. With a churning feeling in her chest, she blacked out and fell back…

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