The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0300

Chapter 300: Who Was It That Night

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The more she thought about it, the more unsure she felt. She had determined that the man that night was Li Sicheng. But in fact, she was pushed down in bed before she even had a chance to look at his face. Maybe, it was not Li Sicheng? Rong Rui said he had hacked the video, which meant he had seen the video. So, what was the truth?

Tang Mengying was not sure. Looking at Qin Shuhua, she gritted her teeth and said, “If you really doubt it, let’s do a DNA test.”

“Okay, I’ll ask Li Sicheng to…”

“No, I don’t want him to know.” Li Sicheng was too smart to be fooled. “Let’s go ourselves and do a grandfather-grandson test.” The baby was only eleven weeks old. The doctor suggested against the amniocentesis and warned Tang Mengying about its risks, but Tang Mengying still insisted. She could no longer wait. If it was his baby, she would take extra care of it. But if it wasn’t… Tang Mengying did not even dare to think about it and braced herself to lie down in the hospital bed. When the needle pierced her belly, her only thought was: baby, please be good…

Qin Shuhua had ordered an expedited test, and Tang Mengying went back to the hospital herself after Qin Shuhua was gone, paying extra to get the waiting time shortened to six hours.

After six hours, Tang Mengying arrived on schedule, and Mrs. Tang accompanied her.

Holding Mrs. Tang’s hand, Tang Mengying felt a bit uncomfortable in her belly, anxious and hopeful about the test results. However, when Mrs. Tang got a result, she was dumbfounded. Seeing her reaction, Tang Mengying was very nervous. With her hands shaking, she took the test report, and a series of zeros left her dazed.

Mrs. Tang’s expression changed from expectation to despair. Turning around, she slapped Tang Mengying hard in the face. “Didn’t you say that the baby is Li Sicheng’s? How could this happen?”

Tang Mengying’s face quickly became swollen. Staring at the test result, she felt incredulous and muttered, “How is it possible…”

If it was not Li Sicheng that night, who could it be?

Recently, her boss had been working late in the company, which made Cheng You’s work a lot easier. Since she started to work for Li Sicheng three years ago, Cheng You could count the days that she went home on schedule with one hand. Thinking that she was going to have another relaxed day, Cheng You suddenly got a call from him. Complaining inwardly, Cheng You quickly picked up. “Mr. Li.”

“Go to Star City and hire twenty bodyguards and twenty nannies. Get them ready by tomorrow.”

Cheng You was startled. Hearing his dangerous and dark tone, she asked nervously, “What happened?”

Li Sicheng never liked to use the help, and Star City… It appeared to be a bustling casino, but was in fact, the largest and most mysterious transaction house in Kingstown. All the bodyguards and nannies from that place were dummies. And each of them cost millions. Many noble families had a preference for people like that. But what did Li Sicheng need them for?

Instead of answering her, Li Sicheng said, “Contact Luo Zhan. Ask him to investigate into the DNA registry system of Kingstown First Military Hospital.”

“Yes, sir!”

Hearing Cheng You’s answer, Li Sicheng hung up and called Li Beixing. “Brother, do me a favor.”

Getting a call from Li Sicheng was something rare for Li Beixing. Surprised, he asked, “Are there things that even my dear baby brother cannot fix?”

“Yes. Help me to investigate into someone–Rong Haiyue’s nephew, Rong Rui.”

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