The 99th Divorce – Chapter 0301

Chapter 301: No Idea Li Sicheng Could Be Like This

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“Rong Haiyue…” Repeating the name, Li Beixing sounded intrigued. “He is as influential as our dad. Are you sure you’re looking into his family?” The military ranking of Rong Haiyue was the same as Li Xiao’s. The two had always maintained peace in public while fighting secretly. If Li Beixing suddenly looked into Rong Rui and was noticed by Rong Haiyue, it would be a lot of trouble.

Because he knew that, Li Sicheng did not look further into what Rong Rui had done after knowing who he was, for fear that he might get the Li family into trouble. But now… Li Sicheng sneered. The coldness in his tone almost froze Li Beixing over the phone. “I want him to know exactly that I am looking into his family.” Given how things had developed, Rong Rui had definitely played a role in it. If it were not for Rong Rui, last time in Li Xiao’s study, the truth would have been exposed already. The collaboration between Tang Mengying and Rong Rui was very close.

The enemy was in the dark. Even until this day, Li Sicheng had no idea where Rong Rui was hiding and with what identity when he helped Tang Mengying with her dirty laundry. Making some noise was the best way to locate him and get back to him. Although Rong Haiyue was Li Xiao’s nemesis, he was an upstanding man. If he noticed that Li Beixing was looking into Rong Rui, he would investigate into the reason behind it as well. By then, Li Sicheng would be able to find the guy.

Even through the phone, Li Beixing could hear the bloodthirst in Li Sicheng’s voice. With a sigh, he commented, “It is such a shame that you did not join the military.” Li Sicheng had the courage, resources, and ruthlessness to be a great soldier. If he had joined the military, he would at least be the equal of Li Beixing. Unfortunately, he was in the business world. “Okay. Since my younger brother has asked me, I’ll help you. Wait for the good news.”

“Brother, grandpa is in the hospital. Did you know that?”

Li Beixing’s voice suddenly became serious. “When did it happen?”

Li Sicheng briefly stated what had happened and Li Beixing bristled, “Is mom dumb? That kind of thing… Forget it. Wait for me. I’ll be home right away.”

Li Xiao and Li Beixing arrived at the hospital at the same time. When the two met, they both looked upset. In Captain Li’s room, Qin Shuhua and Nanny Rong were taking care of him. But Li Sicheng was gone. Seeing that, Li Xiao lowered his voice and growled indignantly, “Where is that boy? Ask him to get his ass over here now!”

Nanny Rong quickly explained, “Qianci just passed out, and he’s looking after her next door.”

“Passed out?” Li Xiao calmed down a bit. “What happened?”

Nanny Rong briefed Li Xiao on what had happened and then sobbed, feeling bad for Su Qianci. “I had no idea that he was like this. It is a shame that such a good girl as Su Qianci was married to him…” However, Nanny Rong immediately noticed that everyone around her was from the Li family and thus on Li Sicheng’s side. She immediately became silent. Wiping away her tears, Nanny Rong said, “I’ll go check on her.”

Li Xiao took a deep breath, did not stop her, and looked to Captain Li lying in the hospital bed.

Captain Li’s eyelids seemed to be moving. Qin Shuhua went up and cried in surprise, “Father, you’re awake?”

Not having enough strength to open his eyes, Captain Li lifted his palm weakly and gave her a light push. Although no strength was used, it clearly showed Captain Li’s attitude of rejection.

Qin Shuhua looked pale and awkward.

“Where is Sicheng? Get him over here…”

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