The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up – Chapter 0181

Chapter 181: Their Circumstances, Part III

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I stared dumbly at the mole for three hours as it roamed around as if the boss room was its home, in case it lost its Invincibility state, but there was no sign that anything would change.

I picked up the mole and held it in my hand. It looked exactly like the moles I had seen in books and on TV, except this one didn’t scamper around and was pretty slow. For three hours, it didn’t try to dig through the ground. It probably didn’t even know how to.

It squeaked and struggled in my hands and I scrambled to keep a hold on it. “It feels…nice to hold.” It was really soft and fluffy. As soon as I said that though, I squeezed as hard as I could without warning. My strength was enough to that whatever I squeezed would either blow up or be crushed into pieces. A normal mole would have turned into a bloody pulp.

However, nothing happened to it. It just kept struggling to get out of my hands. It didn’t even yelp in pain.

“Ha…” I heaved a heavy sigh. I set the mole back onto the ground. “Now what?” I said to myself as time continued to tick on by.

‘This is so annoying!’

Shaman Ko was not happy since that day when it lost an arm to Predation.

‘Grr! I’m so mad! Grr!’

It was always happy that it got to live the easy, strong life, but ever since it lost its arm, things weren’t going right. Everything was off balance. Every time it tried to get up, it would try to use its lost arm to prop itself up, only to slam its head on the ground. It couldn’t live freely in its own domain anymore. Ever since then, it spent its days annoyed and angry.

As the days went by, its anger never dissipated and only accumulated more and more until one day, Shaman Ko shifted its attention to its remaining arm. It thought that it was angry because it only lost one arm. It believed that if it couldn’t regain its lost arm, it could just get rid of its other one and regain its balance.

Shaman Ko raised its other arm towards its mouth and began to eat it. Only the sound of Shaman Ko cannibalizing itself echoed through its domain and inside Lee Jiwon.


A month had passed since I was tossed into this prison of a dungeon. I did everything I could think of during that time. I even tried to take the mole out of the boss room and into the safe room, in hopes that it counted as defeating the dungeon boss.

==[The boss monster cannot be moved outside of the boss room.]==

It didn’t work, however. I could move in and out of the boss room and into the safe room to rest but I couldn’t take the mole with me. I even tried throwing the mole into the safe room, but it was like there was an invisible wall that prevented the mole from getting too close to the safe room.

“Ha…” I sighed as another message appeared.

==[Shaman Ko’s Selfish Prick Roulette Wheel will now appear.]==

The Roulette Wheel never failed to appear every day. But something was changing about it these days. I hadn’t noticed it at first but as time passed, I noticed that the wheel had a crack in it.

“It doesn’t look good. There’s no way it’s a good thing.” The crack was getting bigger as the days passed. The crack was bigger today than it was yesterday. I had no idea why this was happening. There was no explanation and I didn’t know enough about this skill to come up with a reason. All I knew was that the wheel refused to land on Absolute Destruction and Predation.

I sighed heavily again. There was not a single monster in this dungeon besides the Dungeon Mole. I had no contact with the outside world, as well. I couldn’t get out until I defeated the boss monster, but it was freaking immortal. I was up shit creek without a paddle.

The only silver lining I had was that I knew I wasn’t going to be stuck in here forever. In the past, all those who were imprisoned in the Dungeon Creator’s dungeons were eventually freed. It took some time, but I knew that he couldn’t keep me in here forever. But, there was the fact that I wouldn’t be able to hunt the longer I stayed here. While everyone else continued to grow, I would be on pause until I got out of here.

“It doesn’t matter. I can deal with whatever you throw at me! I don’t care if I’m stuck here for months, a year or two. I can easily catch up and pass anyone out there! Too bad you have to wait another three years before you can imprison anyone else again.”

I was more worried about Shaman Ko’s Selfish Prick than the fact that I was stuck here. The wheel spun even though the crack continued to grow. It even rattled as it spun, as if it had a loose screw somewhere. The wheel came to a stop soon.

==[You have received three Stat points from Shaman Ko.]==

Since the day I learned the skill, the wheel always landed on the same section, yielding 3 Stat points every day. Those Stat points did help me a lot since I learned the skill. It really was a valuable skill that had saved my life plenty of times already. That was why I was afraid that I would lose it for good.

I watched in worry as the wheel disappeared. Soon, that worry turned into frustration. “God damn it! Tell me why this is happening so I can at least do something about it!” I could clearly see the symptoms and they were getting worse by the day. If this kept up, the Roulette Wheel could actually break one day.

I was also nervous that if the Roulette Wheel did break and took the skill along with it, I would lose all of the accumulated Shaman Ko Stat points as well. I had more than 2,200 points accumulated right now. I could also lose Altered Equality, since I was able to obtain it thanks to Shaman Ko. Of course, there was no evidence that I would really lose the skill, or that I would lose the points and Altered Equality, but I couldn’t help the uneasiness I felt. I just knew that the wheel was going to break soon.

“Fuck! Fuck it all to Hell!” I angrily kicked at the ground. I just couldn’t sit still any longer.

-Kyuu. Kyuu.-

Just then, the mole came towards me with the same expression it had this entire past month. I raised my leg and started to stomp on the mole instead.

“Die! Die! Just die already!” I stomped and stomped with everything I had. I knew it wouldn’t do anything, but I kept stomping. All I had was the mole to take out my frustrations on.

-I wish I had a banana candy.-

“Kyuu. Kyuu.”

“I don’t have anything like that, you son of a bitch!” I stomped and stomped like a mad man.


Shaman Ko had finished off its other arm and laughed as it finally had some balance to its body. But that happiness lasted only for a moment as it kept falling over.

When it only had one arm, Shaman Ko was annoyed and frustrated. It got rid of its remaining arm, thinking that if it did, it would make its life easier. But now that it had lost both arms, it was practically hopeless. It couldn’t even pick up its toys in front of it. It couldn’t pick up its food to eat or drink its water anymore. It had to crawl like a lame dog to get anywhere.

Shaman Ko ground its teeth in anger. It was furious now. It stomped on one leg with its other and smashed its head on the ground. Shaman Ko began to destroy itself, believing that this was the best way to relieve itself of its anger and frustrations.

A month and two weeks had passed since I was thrown into this dungeon.

“God damn it! Tell me what’s wrong with you!” I was getting more and more anxious by the day. The wheel looked like it would break in half if I so much as tapped it. It barely spun and grinded as it went around.

==[You have received three Stat points from Shaman Ko.]==

It stopped once again on the 3. I should be happy that it did, but I was sure that if it survived today, it wouldn’t last tomorrow. I was sure it was going to disappear if it broke. I would lose it like when the Blood Prince lost his Blood Showdown and how the Predator Duke lost his Absolute Predation.

The best thing I had going for me used to be my Unrivaled skill. I was able to learn it at level 0 when others had to wait to level 500, and it cost me 0 skill points. I had a huge head start over all of the other 114 Unrivaled devas, and not once did I regret learning it.

Now, I was positive that my greatest trump card was Shaman Ko’s Selfish Prick. It had never ceased to surprise me when it gave me a huge STR boost in dire times, or when it stole a deity’s skill for me. It was the one skill that could break any wall in my way, even if it did take away Absolute Destruction from me.

-Kyuu. Kyuu.-

“Shut the fuck up!”

-Kyuu. Kyuu.-

“God fucking damn it! Shut the fuck up you fucked up rat piece of shit!” It pissed me off just seeing the mole, which was often since I was stuck in this dungeon with the damn rat. I started stomping at it like a mad man again.

-If you don’t have banana candies, I like other candies too.-

-Kyuu. Kyuu.-

“Fuck! Stop it with the banana candies! Candy, candy, candy! Fuck you!”

Losing Shaman Ko was going to weaken me. That just made me more furious. I had vowed to myself that I would become stronger than anyone else. I had come so far; I wasn’t ready to lose it now!

Something compelled me to pick up the mole and I brought it up to my mouth. I had no idea why I was doing that. I must have finally lost it because of the damn rat’s Invincibility and the fact that I was about to lost Shaman Ko. I put the mole in my mouth and swallowed without chewing. Why would I chew when it was obvious it wouldn’t work? I just shoved it inside and swallowed, feeling the mole struggle as it passed down my throat. I wasn’t even sure this was going to work. I just did it for absolutely no reason at all. I just wanted to get it out of my face.


[Hehe. Hehehehe.]

Shaman Ko collapsed onto the floor and cackled. It had beaten itself to tatters. Its body was broken and ripped all over, but it was still happy. If it couldn’t move at all, then it wouldn’t need to get frustrated by trying to move in the first place. It finally felt happiness again. Then, while it lay there basking in its happiness, Shaman Ko heard a strange sound.

-If you don’t have banana candies, I like orange candies too.-

-Kyuu. Kyuu.-

A small mole came towards it, and the two looked at each other face to face, each in this place with their own circumstances.

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