The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up – Chapter 0191

Chapter 191: Lee Jiwon Again? Part I

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As soon as I returned to my house in Seoul, I called Lod van Agassi of the Werewolf Clan.

“It’s been a while, Jiwon. Is something the matter?”

“Hello. I wanted to ask you about something.”

“What is it?”

“You know about the quest going on right now, right?”

“Of course I do. What about it?”

“I was wondering if I could register the Clan Badge you gave me.”

“Hahaha. It’s yours, so why are you asking me for permission?”


“It belongs to you, Jiwon. Whatever you want to do to it is up to you.”

“Thank you.”

“I know it’s a Rank 10, but I don’t know if it will be worth that many points. But either way, I wish you all the best.”

“Thank you,” I said, before hanging up. It was just as Lod said. It might be a Rank 10 item, but its actual value definitely lacked. I had thought the same when I had first received it. It was an item that was only beneficial for one person, like the one ally of the Werewolf Clan. Its rarity was the only reason it was Rank 10; if it didn’t have that restriction, it would definitely be a Rank 8.

I was going to go with the Infinite Space Ring even though it was only 8% complete. Even if it was incomplete, it was still obviously worth more than the Clan Badge.

“But I might just end up revealing a weak point of mine.” I had also planned to go all out and register the King-Emperor’s Commitment, the Lightning Boots of Azazel, and the Infinite Space Ring. They were my best items by far, but I changed my mind. I would have to complete the Infinite Space Ring, no matter how long it took. If I revealed it now, then it would become a weakness. People would start coming to me, calling themselves master craftsmen when they could actually be average or novices. There was also a chance I could make finding master craftsmen harder and more expensive.

“Who knows? There could even be a few who would outright try to stop me from ever completing the Ring.”

I went up the room overlooking my garden. I sat on a sofa and at my request, two TVs were set up showing different channels. I had this done since the quest started so I could look out for a certain item.

“When is Amplification going to show up?” Amplification was the name of the Rank 10 item I was waiting for. This was the item that caused quite the ruckus during the quest of my past life. If I didn’t have the Dungeon Mole, I wouldn’t try to do this, but guess what? I did.

I was waiting to register my items right after Amplification was registered, that way the owner of Amplification wouldn’t be intimidated by my items.

On the twenty-fifth day of the quest…

There were about four hours left until item registration closed.

“Hmm…” Amplification still hadn’t been registered yet, and of course, I hadn’t registered my own items yet.

There were three Rank 10 items and twelve Rank 9 items currently registered. All items from sixteenth place to seventieth were all Rank 8’s. I didn’t care what those items were, though. I didn’t care about stealing away the treasures from the weak. It wasn’t because I was weak; it was just a pain to go through. It was virtually impossible to steal away someone else’s items. Not even Wanhu could do it. She had to make someone her Buddy and ask to borrow their items instead. Even Lee Kangchan hadn’t touched a single one of my items in the past.

The only way was to kidnap someone and blackmail them into forking over their items. But there weren’t exactly many ways to threaten a deva when they couldn’t die. Most thieves would have to resort to torture while keeping their victims alive, but even then, that wouldn’t work against stronger devas. In short, they had to target weaker devas who wouldn’t normally have decent items in the first place.

Still, there was one organization that actually managed to make its fortune by stealing items from other devas. It was none other than the House of Windsor Guards of Great Britain.

“Once they were ousted, they were completely stripped of their power and chased out of their country.” They were the biggest two-faced pricks that ever walked Otadolon Earth. Publicly, they presented themselves as loyal, honorable guards of the queen, but they also ran the seediest and shadiest organization from the shadows.

“Well, it’s not like I’ll go out of my way and do something about them.” I might if I could get strong enough to crush them easily.

I glued my eyes on to the TV screens, watching the rankings and soon, I finally saw Amplification get registered. The fourth Rank 10 item was ranked in 8th place.

“Register Items!”

==[You can register up to three items.]==

Three empty slots appeared before me. Next to them was all of the information on items that were currently registered. I ignored the three slots for now and selected Amplification.

==[Amplification (Rank 10)

This is a consumable item that will be disposed of upon use.

Use Amplification on another item to increase the targeted item’s power by at least 50% and at most 100%.

Can only be used on equippable items.]==

Its description was quite simple for being a Rank 10, even simpler than the Clan Badge. In the past, I had managed to check this item out, but I had thought that it was pretty trash and useless. But this item was the cause of a huge scandal when so many people tried to steal it, even though the item’s owner wasn’t a pushover at all.

“But now that I see it again, it seems pretty overpowered, doesn’t it?” I wanted it so I could use it on the King-Emperor’s Commitment. If I could double its power…

“Man… I would be unstoppable.” I couldn’t help but want Amplification for myself.

“Now that Amplification is up, I should register my items.” Once they were registered, I just had to wait for the quest to end. Once I got first place, I would get the chance to steal away Amplification.

“Register King-Emperor’s Commitment, Lightning Boots of Azazel, Clan Badge.”

==[King-Emperor’s Commitment (Rank 10), Lightning Boots of Azazel (Rank 10), Clan Badge (Rank 10) will now be registered.

Once these items are registered, they cannot be cancelled until the quest ends.]==

“Yeah, yeah, I know that much.” I was getting slightly nervous now. What if for some reason King-Emperor’s Commitment didn’t get first place? I watched as the rankings changed.

==[Bring Me Your Best Treasure! Rankings:

1. 1000 points: King-Emperor’s Commitment (Rank 10) – Lee Jiwon (No organization)

2. 699 points: Broken Spacetime (Rank 10) – Song Myungsoo (Sunbin Guild)

3. 698 points: Lightning Boots of Azazel (Rank 10) – Lee Jiwon (No organization)

4. 632 points: Warpath (Rank 10) – Giorgio Aleng (House of Windsor Guards)

5. 630 points: Retribution (Rank 10) – Wai Chung (Cheng Long Guild)


10. 534 points: Amplification (Rank 10) – Baden al Nayan (Abu Dhabi)

11. 527 points: Clan Badge (Rank 10) – Lee Jiwon (No organization)



49. 274 points: Blade of Conviction (Rank 8) – Okamoto (Nayuta Guild)

50. 268 points: Krakshia’s Provocation (Rank 8) – Astrada Fareh (Bazarzan)]==

Once again, the rankings were completely flipped thanks to me. I had made the point difference between first place and the other places even larger now. But what caught me off guard was the Clan Badge’s ranking.

“It’s at eleventh place? I thought it would be at around the thirties.” I smiled. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get first place, but I had definitely secured my win.

-Give me candy!-

“You’re getting pretty demanding these days, aren’t you? You’re starting to treat me like your servant,” I said to the mole, even though it probably didn’t understand what I was saying. I ripped open another piece of candy and placed it front of the mole.

Well, I was going to rely on it a lot to deal with Amplification. “Eat up,” I said as I petted it from head to tail and looked back at the rankings. There were only thirty minutes until the registration closed.


The rest of the world was in chaos once Lee Jiwon registered his three items.

“It’s Lee Jiwon again?”

“Shit! How does he always get first place in all these quests?”

“What’s even funnier is that South Korea took first, second, and third!”

“Fuck. South Korea is just a puny country without a single high-grade dungeon, how the hell did Lee Jiwon and Sunbin get so powerful?”

Just like after the Time Attack quest, China, Japan, America, and Europe were all completely dissatisfied at how South Korea always came out on top, even though it wasn’t even the strongest Asian country.

The reaction at Seoul’s Store 72 was different, however.

“Hah! Did you see it?”

“Yeah, I did. I told you there was going to be a twist towards the end.”

“Holy… is that even possible?”

“Why? Are you going to say it’s a bug like that expert on TV?”


“But damn! Did you look at the effects on the King-Emperor’s Commitment?”

“Of course I did.”

“It’s so overpowered!”

“I never heard about a pair of earrings being able to carry seven effects at once. It even has weapon effects, at that!”

“That’s why it’s at first place.”

“Yup. And to think we thought that the Broken Spacetime was the most overpowered item…”

“It’s not all he has, though. Look at third and eleventh place!”

“It’s Lee Jiwon again…”

“Damn… where does he get these items?”

“I want to be his friend.”

“Me, too! It’d be nice to know someone like him…”

“Snap out of it…”

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