The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up – Chapter 0194

Chapter 194: Let it Simmer, Part II

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==[Call (Rank 9)

You can Summon those registered in Call.

You can register up to 10 people into Call.

Use the command, ‘Register’ on a person while keeping that person in your sights for 1 minute to register that person into Call.

Once Call list is full, you have to remove one person in order to register someone else.

Cooldown: 24 hours.

As long as this item remains in your inventory, you will receive the following effects:

All Stats increased by 300 points.]==

“Umm” I wasn’t sure if this was good or bad. I think I would have preferred a piece of armor or accessory of the same rank instead. But I quickly realized it wasn’t so bad. I could afford to buy whatever items were still lower than Rank 8. It was good enough that I could get 300 points to all of my Stats as long as it was in my inventory, even though 300 points wasn’t a whole lot for a Rank 9.

“But to think I can Summon whoever I register” I was reminded of Kazunari and how I was trapped in his dungeon. The Clan Badge wasn’t able to work while I was inside it.

“The Clan Badge was Rank 10 and didn’t work, but I wonder if this could?” I wondered if I could Summon someone while I was inside Kazunari’s dungeon, but my curiosity soon vanished and I smiled. Kazunari pretty much didn’t exist anymore after he lost his Dungeon Mole. Call definitely wasn’t a bad item. I got up from my seat and set out to find people to register.


I went down to kitchen where I found my mother humming to herself as she cooked. She didn’t have to, but she insisted she continue cooking. Then again, she did have five assistants here, while she had worked alone back at the Sojung Guild.

“Hmm? What brings you down here, Jiwon?” she asked when she noticed me come in.

I walked over to her with a smile. The guests from the five factions had actually liked my mother more during the feast, even though I was the star.

“It’s nothing. I just had something to do. Register,” I said as I held my mother’s hands.

==[Registering target into Call

Number 1: Sung Sooyeon (Mortal)]==

==[Register has been completed

Call List

Sung Sooyeon (Mortal)]==

After a minute, my mother was registered into Call and I let go of her hands.

“Hmm? Did you do something? I don’t feel any different.” Even though she was a mortal, my mother spent a lot of time around devas and could tell that I was up to something, but she didn’t pull away.

“I’m all done. Wow, are we having noodles for dinner?”

“Yup. It’s almost done.”

“Great.” I left my mother in the kitchen and returned to my room. I decided to try it out right away. “Call.” The Call List appeared before me and selected the one person registered.

==[Summoning Sung Sooyeon.]==

“Ah!” My mother appeared before me, still holding a frying pan in one hand and tongs in the other. I was pretty calm about it, but my mother looked around her, eyes wide with shock.

“Jiwon!” she shouted when she saw me. “You surprised me!”

“Sorry, mom.” I was satisfied with this experiment so I couldn’t help but smile as my mother nagged, still surprised.


A week later

I was back at hunting at the Pharos Dungeon.

“Hmmthat rumor should be surfacing around now.” I was waiting for that event to happen pertaining to Amplification that was revealed during the quest. It was a huge scandal back then if someone like me was able to hear about it.

“It’d be nice if I could register that person into Call. Should I have done that? No. It’s hard to infiltrate that place even with Blink, and if I get caught, I risk sparking an international incident.”

Amplification was owned by a member of the Abu Dhabi Guild of the Arab Emirates. The guild master of the Abu Dhabi Guild was the president of the Arab Emirates before the world changed, and his power only grew when he created the guild. He used that power to unite all seven emirates under Abu Dhabi.

“The child that was kidnapped back then was Abu Dhabi’s guild master’s only son.” The guild master was royalty and had four wives, but only had one child born before Otadolon. “Of course that child would be precious to him.”

I had never met the child myself, but I was sure he was raised completely sheltered from the rest of the world while receiving the utmost care and protection. He was supposed to live that life until he became an adult and used his token to become a deva.

“But he disappeared and Abu Dhabi threw a huge fit that I’m pretty sure shook the entire world.” Someone had managed to get past those defenses and kidnap the child. News of the incident had even travelled all the way to South Korea.

“But now, only I know what happens.” I knew that no one could find him and knew where that child was kept. When Abu Dhabi handed over Amplification, the child was returned dead and tied up like a pig. Enraged, the Abu Dhabi guild master ceased all guild activities and focused all of his and the guild’s resources into finding the culprit. They couldn’t find the culprit even after a year and that was when the guild members began to express their dissatisfaction. They weren’t able to level up during that year, but were forced to continue at their guild master’s rage. That only served to fuel the guild members’ frustrations and eventually the guild master was replaced by his younger brother.

“And that former guild master completely disappeared off the face of the earth.” That was all I knew about the incident concerning Amplification, most of it was through rumors.

“I just need to let things simmer. I don’t want to let that child die, but I need to wait regardless. He’ll be fine for at least a few months.” I also had Call to use as a last resort. If I could register the boy into Call, it would be perfect, but there was a high chance of me getting caught. I risked getting misunderstood as the boy’s kidnapper and having a whole entire guild come down on me in full force. No matter how good Amplification was, that just wasn’t worth doing.

“It’ll be alright. I wasn’t even planning on using Call anyway. I just need the Dungeon Mole.” I raised my spear again and turned towards a Mutated Croc. It was going to happen, and I just needed to wait for the right time to butt in.


Abu Dhabi Palace, Arab Emirates

“Say that once more!” Baden, the guild master of Abu Dhabi, roared as he slammed the desk in front of him angrily.

“Weumdon’t know howor where, the Crown Prince was taken to.”

“It’s been two weeks! Two weeks! Since those sons of bitches stole Jayid away from this very palace!”

“…” The officers could say nothing to defend themselves. Their crown prince was taken from his own bedroom, after all. He was kidnapped and two weeks had already passed without being able find a single trace of the kidnappers.

“Amplification! It has to be because of that, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir.”

The kidnappers hadn’t made contact during those two weeks, but the guild’s Intelligence Division gathered that they were after Amplification since it was revealed during the recent quest.

“Those sons of bitches!” Baden was conflicted. Amplification was the one Rank 10 item his guild possessed, but they had taken his only son. He couldn’t have any more children. That boy was all he had left. He was fully prepared by now to part with Amplification in exchange for his son. However

“Those bastards! Why aren’t they doing anything?” They had to have kidnapped his son because they wanted something in return, but they still hadn’t made contact yet.

“I believe they’re doing this to make us nervous.”

“They’re being cautious since they kidnapped the crown prince.”

“Guild master, might we make some noise?”


“If we keep moving secretly like this, those bastards will remain hidden. We know they want Amplification, so if we make enough noise saying that we’re willing to part with Amplification in exchange for the prince, we can at least let them know what our intentions are,” Umaru, the head of Intelligence, said. The others seemed keen on this idea, as well.

“We’re at their mercy as long as they have the prince. They’re probably making us suffer so that we have no choice, but to meet their demands.”

“I agree with Umaru, sir.”

“Will they leave Jayid unharmed if we do that?” Baden also thought that it was a decent idea, but he still feared for his son’s safety. The boy was only ten years old!

“They’ll have to, if they want Amplification.”

“He’s right. Besides, if we reveal to the public that they took the prince, they have no choice to keep him safe.”

Baden fell silent for a moment after he heard his officers’ suggestions. There was one person he suspected in all this, especially because that person was in charge of security when Jayid was kidnapped. He had him secretly investigated, but couldn’t find any evidence of betrayal. If he could, Baden would have outright interrogated the man, but he couldn’t. He wasn’t someone he could easily do that to.

“Fine! We’ll do as you say. Let everyone know what has happened! Tell everyone that I’ll hand Amplification over in exchange for Jayid or his whereabouts!”

“Yes, sir!”


It didn’t take much longer for the rumors that Abu Dhabi’s prince was kidnapped for Amplification to spread, and I was actually the first to hear about them.

“So it’s begun.” I just had to wait a little bit longer now. If I appeared with the prince right after the rumors started to spread, they would obviously suspect that I had something to do with the kidnapping. I didn’t care about what they thought, but that meant I wouldn’t be able to get the item. I just needed to wait.

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