The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up – Chapter 0129

Chapter 129: Shaman Ko’s Selfishness, Part II

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“Hang in there!”

“Show these idiots that a little creek like this won’t stop us!”

“Yes sir!”

“Frozen Earth!”

The many Ice Mages of the higher caste guilds froze another section of the river in an instant. The Labi Guild’s soldiers scrunched their faces in annoyance as their enemy continued to forge ahead.

“They can try to rebel as much as they want; the result is already set.” Shan Devi, the guild master of the Behi-Kinant Guild, declared as he came up next to Rahul.

“Too true. A bug can struggle for its life as much as it wants. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a bug,” Rahul agreed without turning to Shan Devi. “As I said on the way here, I have no intention of dragging this battle out any longer than necessary. The longer this takes the closer to when that Dalit bitch’s skill activates, and it’ll just provide them with more useless hope.”

“I agree. As much as I want to crush their hopes as slowly as possible, there’s no point in making this easy path difficult; like a certain dumb bitch, am I right?”

Rahul chuckled. “Still, it’s good for us that the dumb woman decided to make things difficult for herself and her allies. If she hadn’t, we wouldn’t have this chance in the first place.”

Shan laughed back. “I suppose you’re right.”

The two guild masters watched the tense battle at ease. They had never lost a battle before, and they finally had their elusive prey in their grasp.

“Once they make full contact, carry on with the same plan we always used.”

“Yes. As long as we deal with Lagus Aman, the rest of the battle will be easily taken care of.”

“By the way, I noticed that fellow, Madadu, seeks out danger too often.”

Shan chuckled. “He’s just hot-headed, is all. He’s at that age, too. He has his own protection detail with him at all times, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Very well, I’m sure you know best.”

By then, the ice bridge had been completed. The Labi Guild’s Fire Mages tried their best and managed to slow the army down, but every time the ice melted or broke, it was quickly replaced.

“Good. Let’s begin.”

“Yes. It’s time we put them in their place.”

Rahul calmly walked up to the front of the ice bridge and shouted to his men, “Kill them all! Show them no mercy!”


“Let’s show them why the heavens set forth the castes!”

Rahul’s army roared and charged over the ice bridge. One of them was a Summoner who had no particular reason to be in the middle of a battle, but enjoyed listening screams of battle and reveled in the chaos.

“Stop them. Don’t let them set foot on this side so easily.”

“Raging Fire of the Flame Demon!”

“Tormenting Storm!”


“Piercing Power Shot!”

“Triple Shot!”

“Chain Lightning!”

“Exploding Flame!”

The Labi Guild’s army rained down spells on the invading soldiers, but there was an obvious difference in power and skill. Even Lagus wasn’t participating in the battle yet. Soon, Rahul’s army had crossed the bridge and made contact with the Labu Guild’s tanks and warriors.

“So that’s Madadu.” Any seasoned veteran would have taken a full-scale battle seriously and fought with tension, but I saw a single man who seemed to revel in the violence among the soldiers that started to cross the bridge. He was also surrounded by seven devas.

“Seven guards won’t be a problem.” I confirmed my target and slowly came out. I kept Madadu in my sights like a wolf stalking a rabbit. The time to catch him by the throat was once he summoned his Blade of Gluttony. That way I could attract Kiran’s attention, so that he would leave Lagus alone.

The metallic clanging as blades crashed into each other rang throughout the air.

“Kill them!”

“Sit back down, you filthy animals!”

“Fuck you!”

“Gahahaha! Good. This is why I can’t leave a battle.” A man happily watched as the soldiers slashed and hacked while throwing insults at each other.

“Master Madadu, Lagus Aman hasn’t shown himself yet.”

“That’s all right. We have someone waiting for him to appear, anyway,” Madadu said as he tilted his head towards a direction. He had pointed to where Kiran of the Sahtashwi Guild was.

“Heh. Shall I start the game now? Summon: Blade of Gluttony!”

The air in front of Madadu warped at his command and the shape of a large sword began to take form. It was the Blade of Gluttony. Madadu pulled it out of the air and began swinging the giant blade with ease.

“Summon: Double Blade of Gluttony!”

“Master Madadu, summoning three Blades isn’t…”

“It’s fine. We need to show them the true power of the Behi-Kinant Guild, that way we can shut them up for good!” Madadu began attacking the Labi Guild with his three Blades, cutting down the soldiers in front of him with ease.


I crept closer and closer to Madadu.

The Labi Guild had told me that he knew a Blink skill and that his seven guards all had their Overwatch skills focused on Madadu. That Blink skill and his seven guards were probably the source of his arrogance. He always had an escape route in case things got dicey, but today was different. I was going to make sure he knew that as well.

As soon as I came within 500 meters from him, the max distance of my Blink skill, I put my plan into action.

“Blink 1.” I warped myself right in front of Madadu and stabbed at him with my spear.

“Intruder detected!”

“Block him! He’s aiming for Madadu!”

“Mega Shield!”

I had moved in a blink of an eye, but the guards were just as fast. Four of them attacked me while the other three placed barriers over Madadu, in an attempt to protect him from my attack. However, they were still slower than my attack.

My spear cleanly broke through two of the barriers.

“What the fuck!”

“The…the shields broke!”

Madadu had watched with ease as my spear stopped inches away from his chest, but his confident expression disappeared as soon as he looked up and saw who had attacked him. “Shit! Lee…Lee Jiwon!”

“Yup! Hiya!” I smiled and waved before swinging my spear at him again.

“Blink!” He quickly Blinked away and my spear cut through empty air.

That made little difference to me. I already knew he had Blink. I stood at my spot and searched the area in front of me. He wouldn’t have used Blink to get behind me and end up at the front line. He would have used it instinctively to retreat further back to get away from my attack.

“Don’t just stand there! Attack him!”

“Powerful Shackles!”

“Heart Strike!”

I stood there and let them attack me. As soon as their attacks struck me, I located Madadu. He was breathing a sigh of relief.

“Blink 2.”

“What the fuck!” Madadu shouted in shock when he saw me in front of him again.

I stabbed him again instead of making fun of his expression. There were more important things to do.

“Guhuk!” As soon as my spear impaled Madadu’s chest, the large hammer of justice slammed down on his head. There was no way a Summoner could withstand a skill that most tanks had a hard time against.

And so, as I had promised the Labi Guild, I killed Madadu in a single blow. He stared at me in disbelief on his knees before he and his three Blades disappeared into smoke.

“Madadu…fell in one hit?”

Everyone was shocked at how Madadu was killed in a single blow. Madadu was powerful; there was no doubt about it. A single man, and a Summoner at that, had given a whole guild a hard time. It even seemed as if he could win the battle on his own.

“Lee Jiwon?” Rahul noticed him as he watched the battle unfold. Everyone knew about him, yes, and Rahul had even learned that he had arrived in India two months ago. He had Lee Jiwon tailed for a short while, but that was it. Rahul was too busy worrying about Muskan.

“Why…is he here?” Rahul didn’t know why Lee Jiwon was in India in the first place, but could not for the life of him understand why he was on the Labi Guild’s side. But he would have to worry about that later. He needed to take care of this new enemy first. Rahul turned to Kiran, who was already looking at Rahul, waiting for his orders. Once they locked eyes, Kiran nodded and turned to Lee Jiwon. He was four kilometers away, but he just needed to remain in sight.

“Equality – Equal Stats!”

Lee Jiwon was now a bigger threat than Lagus Aman. They needed to deal with him first.

I dealt with the Labi Guild’s biggest problem, but I started attacking Rahul’s army to make sure I had Kiran’s attention.

“Block his attacks!”

“Earth Shield!”

“Thick Barrier!”

“Gah! Shit! He broke through both barriers in an…” The Behi-Kinant soldier couldn’t finish his sentence as he died by my second attack.

“Fuck! What’s with this debuff?”

“It’s lowering our ATT and MATT, and our Stats as well!”

The King-Emperor’s Prominent Dignity was working much better than I had anticipated.

Then, as I was mid-attack, a message appeared before me.

==[You have been affected by Equality – Equal Stats.

All of your Stat points will be combined and redistributed equally across all of your Stats. This effect lasts 24 hours.

Your base Stat points, Stat points increased by skills and items and Stat points granted by specials will all be redistributed.

Calculating all Stat points…]==

-Ah hah. So this is it.-

The reason I decided to be Kiran’s Equality target was that I was confident my Stats could take the blow. My Stats were much, much higher than anyone else in the world, and even if they were redistributed equally, they would still be higher than anyone else.

“Yes! Master Kiran used his Equality skill!”

“He won’t be as strong as he was before now.”

“Don’t be hasty. Wait for it to finish.”

The higher caste alliance was getting confident again as a red smoke enveloped my body, but that was all according to plan. Now that I had dealt with both Madadu and Kiran, I just needed to tap in Lagus and let him clean up here.

I waited as the message calculated my Stat points, but it was taking quite a while. I wasn’t the only one who noticed either.

“Why is it taking so long?”

“It took Lagus Aman only five seconds.”

“How many seconds have passed? Thirty?”

==[ Calculating all Sat points…]==



==[ Calculating all Stat points…]==

-I wonder if it’s because my Stat points are too high.-

Was it actually taking this long for the system to calculate everything because of that reason?

==[Equality – Equal Stats is unable to combine the 957 Stat points from Shaman Ko’s Selfish Prick.]==

“Huh?” When that message appeared, the red smoke quickly moved from me to someone in the higher caste alliance and enveloped that person.

“So you’re Kiran.” We locked eyes for an instant. I could see that Kiran was dumbfounded. Something had happened that he did not expect…

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