The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up – Chapter 0130

Chapter 130: Shaman Ko’s Selfishness, Part III

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==[As the Equality – Equal Stats skill was unable to combine Shaman Ko’s Stat points, 975 to 97,500 Shaman Ko Stat points will be offered instead to the Equality skill user.

A maximum of 97,500 Shaman Ko Stat points will be offered instead. If the Equality skill user’s Stat points do not add up to 97,500 Stat points, the Equality skill user’s Stat points will be taken instead.

If the Equality skill user’s Stat points do add up to 97,500 points or more, the user will take Shaman Ko’s Stat points instead.

Calculating the Equality skill user’s Stat points…]


That meant Shaman Ko’s Will just activated. It increased my 975 Shaman Ko points by a hundredfold, even if it was only for three seconds. However, there was something much more important here. My Shaman Ko points were offered to be taken instead, and if Kiran’s points didn’t add up to them, I got to take his Stat points.

Kiran was a deity. He gained 20 extra Stat points each time he leveled up. If he’s around level 600, he should have a total of 12,000 Stat points. Actually, that wasn’t right. He should have gotten 20 Stat points to each of his Stats when he became a deity; he should have 12,100.

-Holy shit! That means I can get at least 12,100 Stat points.-

Was this a blessing in disguise? No, it was much more. 12,100 Stat points. That was 121 levels! What a steal!

“Hehehe.” I laughed to myself. I had no idea there was this sort of side effect. I could also see Kiran’s confused expression through the red smoke that was surrounding him. I almost felt sorry for him, but I didn’t care.

Then, as I stood there, smiling to myself, the message telling me that it finished calculating his skills appeared.

==[The Equality skill user’s Stat points do not add up to 97,500 Stat points. The skill user’s Stat points will now be transferred to you.

Current maximum STR 1, AGI 1, VIT 1, WIL 1, INT 1 are provided instead of Shaman Ko’s Stat points.

The provided Stat points are not recoverable.]==

“Huh?” One person was completely confused at what just happened.

“Hah!” The other person was joyous after experiencing something he never expected to happen.

Unfortunately, I was the former. “Fuck!” Seeing Kiran smile only served to piss me off even more. At that moment, I remembered what the Labi Guild told me. Kiran’s Stats all went down to 1 when he used his Equality skill. I got too ahead of myself.

“Shit! Isn’t it supposed to down to 1 afterwards? His skill didn’t even work properly!” Had I not even expected anything in the first place, I wouldn’t feel so damn embarrassed. Seeing Kiran smiling down on me made me want to hide in a hole and die. His expression was telling me that he was more than happy to yield his 5 Stat points.

I gave a heavy sigh. I tried to calm myself but it was hard. I felt as if I had partied the night before, thinking I had won the lottery when, in reality, I lost.

-At least I didn’t lose anything.-

My Shaman Ko’s Stat points protected me from Kiran’s Equality skill and I got to keep my current distribution of Stat points. As I turned to leave the battlefield, I noticed that the red smoke around me and Kiran was still there.

-What’s going on? Is there something more?-

Another message popped up.

==[Shaman Ko’s Will activates once more.

Shaman Ko is not satisfied with the obtained Stat points.

Shaman Ko’s Powerful Will begins to materialize his greed.]==

The smoke that connected me and Kiran began to gather more on Kiran, leaving a small cloud at my feet. Then, I saw Kiran make an expression as if he was shouting out in pain, but he was too far away for me to hear. But the way he was waving his arms and bounding around told me that something went wrong for him. If something wasn’t going right for him, that was good for me!

The red smoke then pulled itself away from Kiran, as if it were peeling itself off his skin, and gathered back to me. My body began absorbing the smoke, as if my body were its original source. Another message appeared.

==[You have acquired the skill Altered Equality – Altered Equal Stats.

Created from Shaman Ko’s Greed, this skill does not require skill points to learn.]==

==[Altered Equality – Altered Equal Stats (1/1), (Active)

This skill once was the exclusive skill of Kiran the deity.

Combine the Stat points of one opponent of your choosing and distribute them equally.

Your opponent’s base Stat points, Stat points increased by skills and items and Stat points granted by specials will all be redistributed.

You will receive severe restrictions from using Altered Equality. (All Stat points received from Kiran will be set to 0.)

Cooldown: 24 hours.]==

“Huh?” I looked over at Kiran after reading through the message. Kiran was on his hands and knees, staring at me in horror. To be honest, I was shocked as well. I never heard about anything that could steal another person’s skill. Maybe something did exist, but Shaman Ko’s Selfish Prick skill didn’t say anything about this.

“On top of that, it doesn’t use my skill…it sacrifices Kiran’s skills instead?” Had I received a carbon copy of Kiran’s Equality skill, it would have been completely useless to me. If I had all of my Stats set to 1 for a whole day, hell, I would have been pissed. But it wasn’t a carbon copy. It instead used the 5 stat points I got from Kiran earlier to activate.

What a steal!

I did want his 12,100 Stat points at first, but this skill was even better. It was a dangerous weapon that could throw my enemies into chaos.

I laughed to myself at the rollercoaster of emotions.

“What’s going on here?”

“Why did the red smoke get absorbed by Lee Jiwon?”

“That’s what I’m saying. It’s as if…he has Master Kiran’s Equality skill…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Equality is Master Kiran’s exclusive skill. There’s no way someone can steal skills like that!”

“He’s right. It’s impossible to steal skills. If it was, then we wouldn’t be fighting like this to get to that Dalit bitch!”

“I know. I know all that as well. But you saw what happened, too! The red smoke wasn’t absorbed by Master Kiran.”

“…” No one could say anything in response. They all witnessed it as well.

I ignored the conversations around me and retreated to use the Altered Equality skill. The skill’s description said that it would take the stat points I got from Kiran and not use up my Shaman Ko’s Stat points. The worst thing that could happen from using Altered Equality would be that my Stats get set to 1, and I decided to retreat for now. There was no harm in being careful.

No one from the upper caste alliance attacked me as I made my retreat. Once I left the battlefield, I turned to a soldier of the Sahtashwi Guild.

“Altered Equality.” I used the skill on him to see what would happen. A cloud of red smoke exuded from my body and enveloped the soldier.

==[You have activated Altered Equality – Altered Equal Stats on your opponent.

Your opponent’s base Stat points, Stat points increased by skills and items and Stat points granted by specials will all be redistributed.

Calculating all Stat points…]==

“Ah! What the fuck is going on?!” the soldier shouted in fear.

“Why does Lee Jiwon…?” The enemy’s army shouted in confusion, but I disregarded them. My entire focus was on the skill to see if it really used Kiran’s Stat points.

I smiled as I checked my Stats Menu.

==[Strength: 14,651(-1) + 957 Agility: 10,494(-1) Vitality: 13,651(-1)

Willpower: 3,018(-1) Intelligence: 2,748(-1)]==

My Stats had each increased by 1, but also had -1 next to all of them, meaning that nothing had really changed.

“Fuck! My Strength…my 6,700 STR is now at 2,000!”

“How does Lee Jiwon have Equality?” The Sahtawshi Guild began to panic. A deva just stole a deity’s skill! This was no normal deva; this was a monster! Still, there was still at least one person who held onto his sanity.

“You idiots! It doesn’t matter what’s happened; kill Lee Jiwon! He just used Equality, so his Stats are at 1 now!”


“He’s right. Kill Lee Jiwon!”

They all thought that I had the same Equality skill as Kiran, and charged at me. Unfortunately for them, that wasn’t the case. I lost nothing from the new Equality skill.

“Stop… stop them! Protect Master Lee!”

“Stop them at all cost!”

“Don’t let them lay a finger on Master Lee!”

The Labi Guild quickly stepped in the Sahtashwi and the Behi-Kinant Guilds’ way.

“Hah!” I was planning on stopping here, but I was too happy with my newfound treasure. I gripped my spear and charged back into the battle!

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