The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up – Chapter 0132

Chapter 132: God of Destruction’s Descendant Part II

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“Hmph, as expected of Master Lee. You noticed me right away.”

“Don’t bother with the niceties. You’re from either the Sahtaswhi or the Behi-Kinant Guild, aren’t you?”

“I am. I’m here on orders from my guild master, Rahul.” The thing was human in shape with arms and legs, and I could make out a nose and mouth beneath its mask, but it was only twenty centimeters tall.

Honestly, I was surprised when it came out. I had never seen anything like it before in the past, but it wasn’t really enough to faze me.

I leaned back in my chair and calmly asked, “So why is someone of the Sahtashwi Guild here?”

“Master Rahul would like to know why you have allied yourself with a low-tier guild.”

“Hah!” I scoffed at the masked figure. “If they are low-tier, does that make you high-tier?”

“Isn’t that obvious? They don’t have deities or Unrivaled devas in their ranks, and only rely on Lagus Aman. If the Ravi Guild isn’t low-tier, what else can they be?”

“Didn’t you guys just lose to that low-tier guild today? I can still see you all running across the Manori Creek with your tails tucked between your legs.”

“Wasn’t that because of Master Lee?” the masked figure asked, chuckling.

“Well, be that as it may, this low-tier guild isn’t all that bad. Now then, I won’t turn away a guest, even if that guest is my enemy, so speak. Tell me why you’re here.”

“You’re most generous.”

There was no doubt the Sahtashwi and the Behi-Kinant Guilds were my enemies. I hurt them too much to be otherwise. Also, at this rate, it wouldn’t be long until Lagus would be strong enough to deal with them on his own. Considering the situation, it seemed a waste to chase the masked figure out, and I was curious as to why he was here.

-Too bad for you, I’m not ready to jump ship just yet.-

I recalled Muskan’s and Lagus’s beaming faces. While I was okay with leaving without a word, I had no intention of getting in the way of their liberation. I might think about it if I was offered something great in return.

“By any chance… are you able to steal another person’s skill?”

“Hmm…I don’t know…” I expected the masked figure to ask that. I would too, if I had someone like Shiva’s Descendant threatening my way of life.

The masked figure swallowed at my ambiguous reply and observed me as if searching for a hidden message. I held his gaze leisurely.

“Then… are you able to steal a skill and pass over that skill to another person?”

I burst out laughing. “I see the great Rahul wants the Destruction God’s Descendant skill for himself, does he? Even though he said only plebians would believe in the existence of Shiva’s Descendant… doesn’t he believe in Brahma or Vishnu?”

The masked figure didn’t answer at first, but soon laughed as if I hadn’t just scoffed at him and his guild master. “Isn’t that how it is? There’s no such thing as disgrace or honor in front of greed. There are only those who desire, and those who can fulfill those desires. That is why Master Lee is important to us.”

“What do I get in return?”

“We’ll give you a Rank 10 item if you steal away Muskan’s skill and hand it over to us.”

“A Rank 10, you say?”


“Am I the only one who sees the Destruction God’s Descendant as more valuable than any Rank 10 item out there?”

“It isn’t just any Rank 10 item; it’s this one.” The masked figure dropped a piece of paper at my feet. The piece of paper had the Rank 10 item’s name and its effects.

They were willing to give me the Wailing Echo.

I almost laughed out loud, but held it in.

-Ha…it’s always the wealthy that try to pull these sorts of scams.-

I knew exactly what the Wailing Echo was, and that it wasn’t supposed to appear yet. It wasn’t an item that I could aim for, either. The only way to acquire that item was if it appeared in one’s dreams. I had no idea why the Sahtashwi Guild knew about this item, but I knew the original owner wasn’t Indian and acquired it much later.

“Its effects are nice and all, but I still think Muskan’s skill is more valuable.”

“Isn’t that why we negotiate?”

“Negotiate… fine, I’ll think about it. I can’t steal skills any time I want to, anyway. The Destruction God’s Descendant is a powerful skill, so it’ll take some time.”

“I understand, but as you know, we can’t wait long.”

“I know that much.”

“I shall return tomorrow.”


The twenty-centimeter tall figure bowed at my reply and headed for the tent flap. After looking around, it sprinted outside.

I waited about ten minutes after the figure left. “Hmm… did I get found out?” I took great care to not give anything away from my tone of voice and my expressions. All I did was feign interest in the Wailing Echo, but I was sure I did everything I could to avoid suspicion. However, I didn’t see the tension the figure had when it first appeared as it left my tent. It was as if it had lost interest in me.

Sahtashwi Guild’s headquarters…

“So… you’re saying it’s impossible?”

“Yes. Lee Jiwon does not have the ability to steal someone else’s skills.”

“Then how did that happen to Kiran?”

“I could not find that out. All I could tell was that it had happened without Lee Jiwon’s intent.”

“Hmm…” Rahul thought about what Rajan just told him. He believed Rajan’s every word. The man was one of the few Rahul trusted. It just seemed such a waste to let it go now. He was hopeful that he could somehow acquire the skill, but it seemed impossible now.

“Tsk… there’s nothing we can do about it now. But how were you made?”

“Lee Jiwon knew about the Wailing Echo.”

“What? How? How does he know what that is?”

Rajan, the man who could Feel Thoughts, shook his head. “I don’t know, sir, but as soon as he read the paper, I felt an overwhelming force that told me he was lying. The entire time I talked with him didn’t feel right.”

“Tsk. In the end, we can’t sail on the same ship.”

“No, sir, we can’t.”

“Oh well, if we can’t, then we’ll get rid of him. Good work.”

“Thank you, sir.” The small man left the office, leaving Rahul alone.

Rahul tapped his desk with his finger as he immersed himself in his thoughts before calling for his chief of staff.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“Gather our forces. We’re carrying out our second plan. Contact Shan Diva and tell him to gather his army, as well.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Oh, and one more thing; carry out the third plan as well.”

“Sir? But that’s…”

“Do it. Now,” Rahul said strongly.

“Yes sir. I’ll have everything prepared right away,” Rahul’s chief of staff said and left.

“I don’t want to go to this extent either, but we don’t have a choice,” Rahul said quietly as he watched his officer leave.

At Rahul’s orders, the Sahtaswhi and the Behi-Kinant Guilds began gathering the leftover forces that hadn’t participated in the first battle, along with their main forces.

Without anyone knowing, Vaishyas, Shudras, and Dilats began gathering as well; mortals and devas alike. Mortals, who could not resurrect as devas could, who would never be seen again once they died, began to gather. Among them were men, women, and children. Their numbers soon surpassed 500,000.

The next morning…

“Hmm… I guess I was made.” The sun may have just risen, but those guys had to be pressed for time. They couldn’t waste a single second right now, so the masked figure should have come back by now.

“I’m sure I was being careful… I don’t know when he figured me out.” I was going to drag out as much time as possible, as it would benefit me more than it would them. If I could also cheat them, I would. I did feel a little bit sorry for them, but what’s done was done.

After breakfast, the Ravi Guild had called for me and I headed for the main tent. When I arrived, I noticed that the officers were in panic.

“They’re bringing forty thousand more soldiers?”

“Yes, sir. Both guilds have just left New Delhi and Kolkata with twenty thousand soldiers each, and are quickly heading this way.”

“We’ll be fighting them 4 to 1 today.”


“When will they get here?”

“They won’t be able to transport that huge of a force via Warp Scrolls or Teleporters, but I estimate they’ll arrive by late afternoon today.”

“Then they’ll test us today, and launch their attack tomorrow.”

“Yes sir, it would seem so.”

Sandip glanced at Muskan. “We have three days left.” We all knew what he meant. “We lasted two months; if we fall with three days to go, I might just become a restless spirit.”

“The same goes for us.”

“This won’t end as long as there’s at least one of us still standing.”

“All we need to do is do what we can. We don’t need to do more nor can we do more. We just need to stop them from crossing the Manori Creek!”

“Yes, sir!” the officers shouted and separated to fulfill their own duties.

“I leave it to you once more, Mr. Lee. Again, if you feel you are in danger, you may leave at any time, and no one will hate you for it. We are already thankful for everything you’ve done for us so far.”

“I understand.” I left the main tent with Lagus and headed for somewhere the enemy could see us. If they saw us waiting for them, it could deal a huge blow to their morale.

After a few hours, we began to see the outlines of the upper caste alliance coming once more. There was a lot more of them this time. The battle between the Myth Guild and the Blood Prince would seem like a neighborhood brawl compared to today’s battle.

“Damn…” I was starting to get nervous. I had never fought in a war of this scale.

-I never expected I would get thrown into this mess by coming to India.-

I had gone to Egypt to get into its hidden dungeon, but ended up fighting against the Blood Prince. I came to India looking for a hidden dungeon as well, only to have the same thing happen. I wondered what would happen the next time I went looking for a hidden dungeon.

-It’s too late to turn back now. I need to see this through to the end.-

That day, Sahtashwi and the Behi-Kinant Guilds did not make a single move. They were like the calm before the storm, but the Ravi Guild knew what they were like and were afraid for tomorrow.

There were only two days left now. Everything would be decided the next day.

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