True Martial World – Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623: Severing Origins

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With the strength of a human, he was able to rival that of a Celestial!

Such drive was nonexistent among humans apart from Human Emperor who the Celestials did not wish to mention!

Instantly, everyone looked at Yi Yun in a different light. They were amazed and also fearful of him.

Trapped in the stellar space Dao chart, Sanguine Ax’s expression was grotesque. He glared intently at Yi Yun with an ice-cold gaze. The Dao chart put immense pressure on him.

He raised his ax high as all his divine blood boiled over. Concentrated lifeblood enveloped his entire being as extremely violent auras surged in every direction.

However, the stellar space Dao chart was condensed from the Heavenly Dao fragment. It was not that easily cracked!

“Crack! Crack as I command!” Sanguine Ax let out angry bellows as he cleaved his ax frantically in every direction, but he still failed to crack open the Dao chart!

Yi Yun’s expression turned calm. He stood in mid-air as the Mirage Snow in his hand let out a clear hum.


The Azure Wood Divine Tree behind him fully spread its branches, emanating vibrancy. A divine dragon’s phantom was coiled around it as its loud roar resonated through the world.

Beneath his feet was the slowly spinning 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence with its countless devils reaching out their hands from within, struggling and wailing.

The sword in Yi Yun’s hand grew in might. Just seeing Yi Yun’s figure made the warriors feel like they were seeing a massive sword in between the heaven and earth which was slashing down at them.

Some of the warriors with weaker minds even activated their protective Yuan Qi involuntarily. They instinctively felt that it was irresistible as their eyes revealed looks of despair. It was as though the sword would cleave down on them the next instant.

“It’s still… not enough!” Yi Yun bellowed softly as he stomped down with his foot!

Immediately, boundless strength and the nomological Heavenly Dao surged from the star chart to Yi Yun.

At that instant, Yi Yun became the middle of the Azure Wood Divine Tree, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, and the star chart.

All the powers were surging towards him incessantly before condensing on Mirage Snow.

Ignoring the lesser warriors, even Golden Winged Celestial Peng and company felt threatened!

Ghost Ming’s expression was even worse. He could sense a power that could slay him from the sword. If he were made to face the sword, it was very possible that he would perish!

“How dare a mere human think of slaying me!” Sanguine Ax let out an angry bellow as a frenetic look coruscated in his eyes. He was a Godly Monarch of the Celestials; yet, he was being crushed by a human!

“Ah!” Sanguine Ax let out a loud roar as he released all his strength. The gigantic ax in his hand produced a frightening sanguine light and alarming aura.

At that moment, Yi Yun slashed down with his sword!

With the sword’s might gathered at the tip, everything seemed to be released at that very instant.

Sword of Heavenly Punishment!


The sword flash clashed with the ax as an unimaginable loud boom sounded. The entire pocket world’s ground instantly produced countless cracks as black spatial rifts filled the sky. Tornadoes instantly swept through the region without any regard.

This scene looked like a world cataclysm!

Everyone looked on in astonishment at the battle. Many of them even felt their scalps tingle.

They were like ants in such a battle. It felt like they would be pulverized in an instant.

Who was the victorious one?

At that moment, they heard a sound.

Pa-ta! Pa-ta!

Sounds akin to drum sticks striking the ground boomed. People saw drops of golden divine blood drip to the ground.

Each drop was the size of a fist.

“That is…”

Everyone watched in shock as an additional object appeared in the sky—golden blood in the shape of a heart.

The golden blood was beating constantly, emitting intense might from within.

“The Celestial race’s Divine Blood Origins!” The look in Dreamlight’s eyes changed slightly.

Divine Blood Origins was equivalent to blood essence for the Celestials.

Losing that much Divine Blood Origins dealt a huge blow to Sanguine Ax.

Human warriors used treasured medicine like Godly Monarch Blood Essence Pills if they wanted to replenish blood essence.

But if Celestials wanted to replenish their Divine Blood Origins?

That was practically impossible. The stronger a lifeforce, the harder it was for them to replenish their blood essence.

This meant that Sanguine Ax might forever lose that portion of Divine Blood Origins.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng and company twitched their eyes. Sanguine Ax had burned his Divine Blood Origins?

From the looks of it, he had really gone all out!

Yi Yun could definitely be proud to force Sanguine Ax into such a state.

But now, due to the existence of the Heavenly Dao domain, they could not see the outcome of Yi Yun’s strike, nor could they see where Yi Yun and Divine General Sanguine Ax were.

And at that moment, a figure covered in blood let out an indignant roar and charged out the star chart’s seal. It plunged deep into a spatial rift and instantly vanished.


Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s pupils constricted suddenly as he revealed a look of disbelief.

That figure was Sanguine Ax…

Sanguine Ax had escaped?

The warriors had also seen this scene; all of them were completely dumbfounded.

A mighty Godly Monarch had been forced by a Divine Lord to burn his Divine Blood Origins and escape with serious injuries…

“Despite burning his Divine Blood Origins to gain immense strength, Sanguine Ax was still unable to defeat Yi Yun before fleeing? Why?” Ghost Ming said in indignation. Even a heavy blow on Yi Yun would have been good enough for him.

Dreamlight looked at Ghost Ming and said, “The Divine Blood Origins was not burned by Sanguine Ax voluntarily. Yi Yun’s slash injured his core and that core was ripped out of him. As such, Sanguine Ax had to burn his divine blood, but even so, the Divine Blood Origins had been trapped by the Heavenly Dao domain. It’s equivalent to Yi Yun having seized treasure from him.”

“But Yi Yun’s strike had drawn away a large amount of the Heavenly Dao domain’s strength. Sanguine Ax then took the opportunity to tear open the domain to flee.”

As a member of the Soul race, Dreamlight’s psyche powers were the strongest. Only he was able to to barely penetrate the Heavenly Dao domain and probe the details of the battle.

When he said those words, the crowd was at a loss for words. Yi Yun had seized Sanguine Ax’s Divine Blood Origins!

Despite having his Divine Blood Origins seized, a Celestial as prideful as Sanguine Ax had not only risked his life fighting Yi Yun, but he had also fled pathetically.

This meant that he had determined that he was not Yi Yun’s match. Taking the opportunity to flee might even be considered a wise choice. If not, letting Yi Yun regain his strength and reactivate the Heavenly Dao domain would probably make him pay an even worse price.

With this in mind, cold sweat seeped out of Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s palms.

Yi Yun likely already possessed the ability to kill weaker Godly Monarchs!

It would not take long for him to be able to kill him!

“One strike to vanquish a Celestial. A Celestial is this and nothing more!” Dreamlight said wistfully. Yi Yun’s strength and his future left him envious.

At that moment, Yi Yun beckoned his hand, causing the shimmering Divine Blood Origins to land in his hand as it transformed into a golden sphere of light.

As he looked in the direction in which Sanguine Ax had fled, a hint of regret flashed in his eyes. The strike he delivered had used the star chart’s strength. It naturally resulted in the weakening of the star chart’s powers; thus, giving Sanguine Ax a chance to flee.

But if he had not done so, it would have been impossible for him to draw out Sanguine Ax’s Divine Blood Origins with one strike. As for killing Sanguine Ax, that was more impossible.

If he ended up sharing an internecine outcome with Sanguine Ax, once Ghost Ming, Golden Winged Celestial Peng, or Dreamlight charged up to him, he was bound to perish.

Yi Yun tapped the blob of Divine Blood Origins gently and bits of golden light were absorbed by Yi Yun.

This power nourished Yi Yun’s enervated body as he began restoring his strength.

Divine Blood Origins was indeed good stuff.

The blob of blood contained the secret to the Celestial race’s might!

Upon seeing the blob of Divine Blood Origins, Golden Winged Celestial Peng and Ghost Ming had a look of greed in their eyes.

Celestials were few in number to begin with. With them being powerful and having mysterious whereabouts, it was extremely difficult to obtain Divine Blood Origins!

Even if the occasional Celestial expert was killed, much of the Divine Blood Origins would have been destroyed by the Celestial before his death.

Although they knew that Yi Yun was enervated or even injured, just the thought of Yi Yun’s strike from before snuffed any intention from Golden Winged Celestial Peng and Ghost Ming to attack him.

Yi Yun stood there silently and absorbed the essence of the Divine Blood Origins as his aura kept recovering.

Meanwhile, he sent a portion of the Divine Blood Origins to the Azure Wood Divine Tree.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree stretched out a few branches and bore into the Divine Blood Origins and like a whale sucking at water, began absorbing it greedily.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree had only absorbed some ordinary blood from Sanguine Ax previously and had been nourished. Now that it was absorbing Divine Blood Origins, the world resounded with the rustling of the Azure Wood Divine Tree’s leaves.

The massive tree’s shadow blotted out the sky as Yi Yun’s body became taller and more majestic. The towering tree seemed to hold up the sky and gradually stabilized the collapsing pocket world.

The pocket world had been a keeper of Human Emperor’s heritage. Although the heritage had been taken away by Yi Yun, he did not wish for Human Emperor’s heritage to completely disappear.

The Azure Wood Divine Tree released intense vibrancy which also immersed Yi Yun. It continued nourishing Yi Yun’s body while he also absorbed energies from Chaos Crystals to restore his essence powers.

As he recalled the battle from before, all the laws and insights he gained from his elevation in cultivation turned complete at that instant.

Everyone saw Yi Yun dressed in an untainted white robe with Mirage Snow in hand. He stood in mid-air with a supreme divine tree and divine dragon phantom behind him. He looked no different from an immortal.

And Yi Yun’s body emitted a more mystical and ethereal aura of the Great Dao. He gave others the feeling that he had completely merged with the world.

At that moment, Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes. “Oh? Senior Ghost Ming, where do you plan on going?”

The dragged out voice resounded throughout the world as Ghost Ming’s body froze; his expression turning extremely nasty.

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