True Martial World – Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625: Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask

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Upon hearing Divineheart, Ghost Ming immediately had a sense of foreboding.

“Oh? Might I know what it is?” Yi Yun revealed a look of interest.

Divineheart looked at Ghost Ming’s nasty expression as he could not help but curl his lips into a mocking smile. “I heard that fellow Daoist Ghost Ming has an extremely special mask known as the Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask. It was an ancient artifact that a Ghost mighty figure retrieved from the Netherworld. It doesn’t have much use, but when worn, it can perfectly hide one’s aura and change one’s appearance. Even a person much stronger than the wearer will not be able to identify them…”

Upon hearing Divineheart’s suggestion, Yi Yun was moved.

He was now the target of many, and his possession of the Heavenly Dao fragment would soon become known to all. He naturally had use for a powerful concealment artifact.

If Divineheart had not mentioned it, he would not have known that Ghost Ming had something as good as this. With his strength, no one would recognize him if he wore the mask.

Ghost Ming’s expression sank deeper with every word Divineheart said.

Trinket? Doesn’t have much use? An artifact that could perfectly conceal one’s aura and change one’s look was worth more than supreme-grade Godly Monarch weapons! There was a chance of obtaining supreme-grade weapons, but such unique artifacts were not purchasable anywhere.

The old asshole, Divineheart, was offering favors at his expense!

And at that moment, Yi Yun was already looking at him with a burning gaze. “Senior Ghost Ming, are you feeling the pinch? Could it be that Senior Ghost Ming wishes to wear the mask to live for the rest of his life?”

Ghost Ming yearned to bite off Yi Yun’s flesh when he said that. Yi Yun was threatening him—if he did not give him the mask, he would be forced to rely on the Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask’s concealment to hide from Yi Yun’s pursuit for the rest of his life.

Ghost Ming had an ugly expression. After much consideration, he gritted his teeth, took out a black mask from his interspatial ring and threw it toward Yi Yun.

Yi Yun caught the black mask in hand.

The black mask emitted a strange aura when it landed in his hand. There were no facial features on the mask, but a careful look made one feel like staring at it constantly, as though one had been pulled into a vortex.

An item from the Netherworld… The Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask was indeed extraordinary.

Yi Yun was very pleased with the Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask. As for Ghost Ming, he did not wish to stay another second after handing over the Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask. It was his bad luck for offending Yi Yun!

Ghost Ming directly reached out his hand and ripped open the void. His body phased away into the spatial rift.

The remaining Ghost warriors exchanged looks. Was the Ghost Thearch abandoning them?

However, they also knew that the Ghost Thearch probably did not wish to see anyone…

The Ghost warriors hurriedly departed for there was no point staying behind. It would be tragic if they accidentally provoked the malignant star known as Yi Yun—someone who even made their Ghost Thearch flee.

Yi Yun ignored the departing Ghost Ming and company. He turned his gaze toward Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

At that moment, Divineheart spoke out leisurely again, “Godly Monarch Golden Peng, I recall that you recently shed a few of your golden feathers. They are excellent material for alchemical refinement…”

“Shed?” Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s nose nearly warped from his fuming grunts. How could his golden feathers shed for no reason?

This old asshole was way too despicable by offering favors at the expense of others twice!

However, the moment Divineheart said so, Yi Yun looked at Golden Winged Celestial Peng with brightened eyes. Every body part of a powerful Fey was a treasure, even more so for a Godly Monarch like Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

The most precious items on him were his Fey core and golden feathers. It was absolutely impossible to take his Fey core for that would push him to fight with his life.

However, the golden feathers were just his feathers. The loss of one feather just meant the lost of some blood when they were plucked. The impact it had on his strength could be recovered.

“I see feathers all over you. I want six feathers,” said Yi Yun.

“Six?” Golden Winged Celestial Peng nearly raged. Every single one of his golden feathers were precious. Once he lost them, he needed a century to grow them back. Furthermore, he needed all sorts of natural treasures to replenish them.

If Ghost Ming had not handed over the Thousand Illusion Ghost Mask and instead chose to remain, Golden Winged Celestial Peng would not choose to give his feathers. But now, Yi Yun and Divineheart had completely sealed off his route of retreat.

“Two golden feathers!” Golden Winged Celestial Peng pulled out two golden feathers. The shimmering feathers looked like they were cast from pure gold. They were very heavy and extremely sharp.

Such a golden feather could be used as a supreme-grade weapon. A Godly Monarch-level Fey indeed had a body of treasure.

“Yi Yun, we shall meet again!” said Golden Winged Celestial Peng coldly.

“These feathers of yours are really useful. I also look forward to the day I meet you again,” said Yi Yun with a sneer.

Golden Winged Celestial Peng’s figure suddenly vanished from his spot.

“My dear friend, what you did was ingenious. Golden Winged Celestial Peng and Ghost Ming have suffered an incredible insult. They will likely not provoke you any time soon,” said Dreamlight suddenly.

Yi Yun put away the golden feathers and looked at Dreamlight.

He found it difficult to read Dreamlight’s mind.

“I’m not your enemy. After today, I actually intend to befriend you. You are welcomed at my Heavenly Dream Path at anytime,” said Dreamlight with a smile.

“Alright,” said Yi Yun.

Regardless of his intentions, as long as he did not fight him, Yi Yun naturally would not smack a smiling face.

“In that case, till we meet again,” said Dreamlight.

After he bade farewell and left, he turned back to give Yi Yun a glance.

“I never imagined that the humans would produce another figure like Human Emperor… of course that’s if he doesn’t perish.”

The only ones left on the square were Yi Yun, Divineheart, and the Taixia Ancient Mining members.

Yi Yun extended his hand and waved, immediately restoring the damaged square.

The portions of the Heavenly Dao palace that collapsed were mended and restored to new.

It was as though the battle from before had not happened at all.

“Yi Yun, congratulations on the breakthrough!” Divineheart said with a laugh.

Yi Yun also smiled. “Thank you, Senior Divineheart.”

Yi Yun had taken note that Divineheart had helped him stop Golden Winged Celestial Peng as well as aided him in ripping off Ghost Ming and Golden Winged Celestial Peng.

“That’s nothing. It’s only a custom of us humans. We should help one another. Besides, I haven’t been able to stand the sight of those two bastards since a long while ago. To be able to see them make expressions as if they had eaten a fly has gladdened me greatly!” Divineheart said with a joyous laugh.

Yi Yun nodded. Although he knew that Divineheart had gone to great lengths to rope him in only because of his strength, Divineheart’s actions had indeed helped him greatly.

“I think I’ll resign as a guest Elder of the Taixia Ancient Mining. I worry that I’ll invite trouble to the Taixia Ancient Mining,” said Yi Yun.

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