True Martial World – Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628: Six Treasures Fey Pagoda

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Legend had it that the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was a Fey dynasty established by the combined efforts of a few peerless Fey Patriarchs billions of years ago when the Fey thrived at their peak.

There were also legends that it was a grave of powerful ancient Fey. Their remains—bones and Fey souls—were buried in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins where they slumbered for eternity.

The legends were from a time too long ago, with no way to verify them. However, there was one thing that remained without doubt—the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was the strongest Fey faction in the Chaos Heavens.

Even Yi Yun took on a careful stance when stepping into this land. If he were to encounter peerless Fey Thearchs in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins, it would be extremely dangerous for him.

“It’s been so many years, but this city has not changed…”

Yi Yun and Bai Yueyin flew in mid-air as they looked at the massive Fey city hundreds of kilometers away. Despite the distance, they could see the unending city walls reaching to the ends of the horizon like a black dragon.

As for the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the surrounding half a million kilometers, they were all sucked toward the Fey city. It was a massive array formation by itself. The Yuan Qi inside was ten times richer than the outside. Cultivating in the city made for double the results with half the effort.

This also made Heaven Fey City a sacred land of cultivation! Many warriors, especially Fey warriors, swarmed there, hoping to take up residence.

Heaven Fey City had many natural treasures on sale, ones that were considered priceless elsewhere. One could eat excellent delicacies as well as procure many pieces of top secret information about the Chaos Heavens in Heaven Fey City.

This was the core of the Chaos Heavens’s Fey race.

Heaven Fey City had a curfew. If one did not have a residence, they were to be cleared off the streets at night. They were forced to leave the city, and every entry into the city required an entrance fee. This made having a piece of property in Heaven Fey City a dream for many warriors.

Heaven Fey City’s property prices were staggeringly expensive. Just a random house was only affordable to Divine Lords. As for more expensive mansions, they were typically owned by Royal Sealed Divine Lords.

If one owned several properties in Heaven Fey City, the rent they obtained was quite sizable. It allowed them to reliably secure resources for their cultivation.

As Yi Yun flew toward Heaven Fey City, he saw buildings of all sizes in its periphery. There were stores in municipals. Many of the owners made their livings through Heaven Fey City, but were unable to buy property in Heaven Fey City. They then lived in these buildings and, to put it plainly, these were the “poor slums” around Heaven Fey City.

However, even among the slums, Yi Yun saw a number of Supremacies. It was evident how prosperous the city was when even Supremacies could hardly establish themselves in it.

“Young Master, Heaven Fey City forbids flying. It’s a privilege only Godly Monarchs have,” said Shan Ling. Yi Yun had brought Shan Ling around mainly because she was familiar with the Chaos Heavens and Fey. Having a guide saved him trouble.

Yi Yun landed and appeared on the street leading into the city. The street was ten kilometers wide, its road paved with Yang Gold bricks which were extremely resilient. Not only could it bear the weight of numerous horses, even ancient Fey beasts could easily walk over it.

Yi Yun discovered that the people entering Heaven Fey City were not only limited to the Fey. Ghosts, Souls, and even a few humans were also entering the city.

These minority races when added made up about twenty to thirty percent of the crowd.

“How does Heaven Fey City treat minorities?” asked Yi Yun out of curiosity.

Shan Ling shook her head. “Prices are twenty percent more expensive for minorities in Heaven Fey City. Furthermore, minorities are always ostracized in invisible ways, so there are few non Fey residents in Heaven Fey City and most are unable to climb up the social ranks in the Heaven Fey City.”

“I see.” Yi Yun nodded. It was normal. Racism was common.

However, Heaven Fey City truly had many experts!

In just moments, Yi Yun had already seen two to three Royal Sealed Divine Lords. If this were the Sinkhole, just randomly picking one of them could made them a patriarch of a mid-ranged faction.

The Heaven Fey City’s city gate was a thousand feet tall. By the sides of the gate were two Ancient Fey statues!

These two Ancient Fey had terrifying auras. Furthermore, they seemed to contain mighty lifeblood powers in them. It was as though they were alive.

“The entrance fee is half a kilogram of refined ores!”

The guards had cultivation levels equivalent to human Supremacies. Half a kilogram of refined ores did not sound a lot, because Yi Yun was presently wealthy. If he was a poor warrior like the Taixia Ancient Mining’s lowly miners, there was no way they would spend half a kilogram of refined ores just to enter the city. They usually only used crude ores for cultivation.

Yi Yun paid the entrance fee and walked into the city. “What is the store with the best business in Heaven Fey City?”

Yi Yun asked Shan Ling. Since he was in Heaven Fey City, he had to go to the most flourishing place. He was not afraid of the price, just afraid that they lacked what he wanted.

“It has to be Treasure Fey Pagoda,” said Shan Ling.

“Alright, let’s go to Treasure Fey Pagoda!”

Yi Yun asked for directions and headed straight for it.

The Heaven Fey City’s four sectors spanned about a hundred and fifty kilometers. They were divided into the outer city, the inner city, and the most central Ancient Ruins Palace.

The level of bustle increased from outside in. And the central Ancient Ruins Palace was a forbidden ground. Trespassers were killed without question.

Treasure Fey Pagoda sounded like a pagoda building, but it was actually a conglomerate. It was located just twenty-five kilometers in front of the Ancient Fey Palace, and was the biggest conglomerate in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins.

About half the stores on the street belonged to Treasure Fey Pagoda. The property prices of the inner city were unimaginably expensive. Therefore, for Treasure Fey Pagoda to be able to occupy half the streets was a testimony to its vast reserves.

The core of Treasure Fey Pagoda was the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda. It was a place that sold all sorts of treasures. Only Divine Lords or VIP customers of the Treasure Fey Pagoda were permitted entry.

Although Yi Yun, who was now a single-sealed Divine Lord, could enter the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda, no one came to specially greet him. Only an attendant at the Supremacy realm brought Yi Yun around to look at some random treasures.

“This is a Crescent Moon Pill. Both humans and Fey can consume it. It just costs half a thousand kilograms of refined ores.”

The attendant introduced the various items on sale as she brought him around. Yi Yun did not appear to have a very high cultivation level, did not appear rich, and was human. But even so, the attendant did not dare slight him. All she did was treat him politely.

Yi Yun scanned the surrounding items with his perception but did not see anything that caught his fancy. He raised his foot to head for the second floor.

“Sir, the second floor is…” The attendant stopped mid sentence.

“What is it?” Yi Yun asked.

“Nothing. The second floor contains various precious treasures that aid a Divine Lord’s attempt to break through to the Godly Monarch realm. However, you may take a look if you wish.”

The attendant also knew about the cultivation systems of humans. A single-sealed Divine Lord was still a great distance from becoming a Godly Monarch. Many human warriors were stuck at being a double-sealed Divine Lord their entire lives; therefore, it was unlikely Yi Yun would need those pills any time soon.

However, she would naturally be delighted as long as Yi Yun had enough refined ores and was willing to buy those treasures.

“It’s fine. I’m just looking.” Yi Yun had his interest piqued. Six Treasures Fey Pagoda had six floors. If the second floor had treasures meant for the breakthrough to the Godly Monarch realm, logic implied that the items were better further up. Perhaps, there were things he needed after all.

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