True Martial World – Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629: Princess Soft Clouds

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“Sir, this is a supreme-grade flying artifact that Divine Lords can power. This is considered the best flying artifact in all of Heaven Fey City.”

The attendant pointed to a spirit cruiser the size of a palm. It had been shrunk and when refined, could transform into a cruiser a thousand feet long.

Although Yi Yun did not understand the artifact refinement means available to the Chaos Heavens, he had already fused with the Heavenly Dao fragment. As the saying goes—all things are linked—he simply needed to take a glance to gain an appreciation of the intricacies involved in the spirit cruiser. He even noticed a few blemishes in the array formation’s construction.

The spirit cruiser was indeed considered a supreme-grade item to a Divine Lord, but there were many items worth more on the second floor. The attendant did not introduce them to him, probably believing that it was pointless.

In fact, describing the second floor of the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda as one that aided a Divine Lord’s breakthrough to the Godly Monarch realm was an exaggeration.

These things were prepared for peak Divine Lord experts like Primordial Chaos Daolord or Sacred Horizon Divine Lord. These were people who had condensed two or more Divine Lord Royal Seals, but they were still quite a distance away from being a Godly Monarch!

By inference, the third floor was probably the one that provided items for quasi-Godly Monarchs.

With this in mind, Yi Yun asked, “In that case… are the items sold on the fourth floor for Godly Monarchs?”

The attendant was taken aback. She believed that this was Yi Yun’s first time in the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda, but she never expected him to guess the treasure hierarchy of the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda.

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Alright, please bring me to the fifth level,” said Yi Yun plainly.

The attendant widened her eyes. What kind of leap of logic was this? This customer disdained the first floor, stayed in the second floor for a while, asked about the fourth level, and wished to head to the fifth level…

“Sir, I have to apologize. The fifth floor is only accessible to VIP members.”

“What requirements do you have of VIP members?” Yi Yun frowned.

“Quasi-Godly Monarchs! Quasi-Fey Thearchs! Or customers who have spent a accumulated total of five Chaos Crystals in Treasure Fey Pagoda,” the attendant with a disenchanted tone. The customer’s cultivation level did not seem particularly high, but he was quite demanding.

Even in the Heaven Fey City, quasi-Godly Monarchs and quasi-Fey Thearchs were VVIP. As for real Godly Monarchs and Fey Thearchs, they would be warmly received if they came to Treasure Fey Pagoda.

Although there were many Fey Thearchs in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins, people from Heaven Fey City did not see them often. Even though Treasure Fey Pagoda was rich, it had to show utmost respect to a Godly Monarch.

“Spending five Chaos Crystals isn’t a problem. It’s just that… there’s nothing that catches my fancy yet. If there’s something on the fifth floor I want, I’ll easily reach the five Chaos Crystals requirement.” Yi Yun did not mind that he failed to meet the requirements. He still had a sizable amount left from his killing of Shaomang Xuan and the extraction of resources in the God Confusion Valley and the Herbal Garden of Confusion despite having depleted more than half during his breakthrough.

“This…” The attendant was placed in a difficult position. She had no say in such matters.

Without saying a word, Yi Yun waved his hand as ten Chaos Crystals lined in front of him, appearing right in front of the attendant.

Her eyes lit up, her slim face flashing a look of surprise. It was not like she had never seen such immense wealth while working at Six Treasures Fey Pagoda, but for a human Divine Lord with one condensed Royal Seal to have such wealth surprised her.

At that moment, a middle-aged man dressed in gray robes walked down from the third floor. He waved at her and said, “Ling’er, you may take your leave. I’ll attend to this guest.”

“Yes.” The attendant bowed and took her leave. Yi Yun sized up the gray-robed middle-aged man. He looked like a store manager. He was tall in build and had rich lifeblood powers, with a sharp horn on his forehead. Some Fey would leave some Fey beast characteristics visible. It was a manifestation of their bloodline.

“Sir, how might I address you? You look rather young. I surmise you are around a thousand years old?” the middle-aged man asked. His words left the attendant who was still taking her leave jolt. She looked up at Yi Yun in astonishment. Her cultivation level was limited and was unable to sense Yi Yun’s bone age. She never imagined him to be that young.

A Royal Sealed Divine Lord who was less than a thousand years old was an absolute genius in Heaven Fey City. Furthermore, he had casually produced ten Chaos Crystals which likely meant that he had a solid background! Although Heaven Fey City thought lowly of humans, the major human factions were not something a mere attendant like her could comment on. Thankfully, she had not expressed her impatience previously.

“Greetings, you may call me by my surname, Lin. I’m here to buy some precious treasures. As for bone age, that isn’t important, is it?” Yi Yun said.

The surname of Lin was in reference to both Lin Xintong’s surname as well as the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch’s surname. Yi Yun had chosen to use this surname for his current change of identity.

“Haha! Indeed. Sorry if I’m imposing, but Young Master Lin, which mighty figure are you representing as you view and buy treasures from our fifth floor?”

“Oh?” Yi Yun’s brows pricked up when he heard the store manager’s words. The question had crossed the line.

Typical merchants just needed to focus on their business. To probe their customers’ usage of the merchandise was a violation of privacy. If not done well, it could even cross the customer.

This middle-aged store manager was being too nosy.

“Young Master Lin, please do not misunderstand. To be honest, resources that Godly Monarchs can use are extremely rare in all of the Chaos Heavens. Although my Treasure Fey Pagoda puts them on sale, we naturally wish to befriend the true purchaser of these items if possible. Don’t you think that wise, Young Master?”

Yi Yun was enlightened when the middle-aged store manager said so. They were trying to establish ties. Even a human Godly Monarch might be of some help to them. There were always benefits to knowing more Godly Monarchs.

“I do not have any Godly Monarchs backing me. Furthermore… I do not belong to any sect or faction,” said Yi Yun.

“In that case…” The middle-aged store man was taken aback. He did not doubt it completely since there were many opportunities in the Chaos Heavens. It was possible for extremely small numbers of young geniuses to reach Yi Yun’s achievements even without the support of a sect.

Going down that line of thought, a warrior like Yi Yun typically had the light from providence shine on them. In addition to his excellent talent, he was likely to achieve considerably in the future.

With this in mind, the middle-aged store manager revealed an amiable smile. “Young Master Lin, do you plan on establishing yourself in Heaven Fey City? Are you interested in meeting the Pagoda Elder of my Treasure Fey Pagoda?”

Upon hearing that, Yi Yun was stunned. What was up with the Treasure Fey Pagoda? Were they trying to rope him in by making him meet the Pagoda Elder? It was fine trying to establish ties with Godly Monarchs, but he was just a young junior and human at that. For them to have such intentions made them appear way too thirsty for talents.

Yi Yun was puzzled but he did not immediately reject the offer. Although he was not interested in the Treasure Fey Pagoda, he would save quite a bit of trouble with its help since he needed to refine the Myriad Form Shura Pill.

Ignoring everything else, some of the high-class auctions in Heaven Fey City were private affairs limited to people with significant stature. Commoners were unable to glean any news of them, much less enter. Even if he could enter, he was merely a Royal Sealed Divine Lord. If he did not have the backing of a faction, winning an auction for a Godly Monarch item would gain him too much attention. It would probably not take long before he was targeted by others.

With this in mind, Yi Yun said, “Why don’t you get straight to the point. What do you wish from me? I’m only here to buy things and I do not think I can be of any aid to you.”

The store managed smiled. “Young Master Lin, you are a clever man. It’s nothing really. Our Treasure Fey Pagoda is a little related to Princess Soft Clouds. She’s young but has abnormal talent. She recently established a mountain manor and has been recruiting. I’m only trying to provide Her Highness with some candidates. If Young Master Lin is interested, why don’t you take a look…”

Princess Soft Clouds?

Yi Yun was stunned. The sentence implied many things!

“Shan Ling, do you know of Princess Soft Clouds?” asked Yi Yun softly.

“I’ve heard of her. During my time at Shaomang Xuan’s side, I learned a little of our race’s geniuses. Fairy Soft Clouds made a name for herself in the past few centuries. Her claim to fame was her battle in the Frost Sea. She rendered quite a meritorious service.

“Young Master, you have to consider carefully. The person ruling over the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins is known as the Ruins Emperor! Although there are various Imperial Uncles and Imperial Patriarchs, they do not really handle matters anymore; therefore, the Ruins Emperor has a lot of power! The princes and princesses of the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins are likely trying to vie for the position as crown prince or crown princess.

“The Fey have long lifespans to begin with. When a family clan becomes massive, it has just too many princes and princesses. The Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins has very stringent requirements of its princes and princesses. They breed them like Gu from a young age, constantly training and eliminating them. Those who are eliminated lose their titles and are given trivial allowances. Some are even thrown into a mystic realm’s battlefield where only the best emerge alive.

“For Princess Soft Clouds to develop her own faction, it naturally shows how excellent she is. But she is not among the strongest princes and princesses in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins. It hasn’t been long since she made a name for herself, so there’s still much for her to do before she can vie for the title of crown princess.”

Shan Ling knew a lot about the Fey. Her description immediately informed Yi Yun of the circumstances.

The struggle for the throne had always been swathed in blood since time immemorial. The subordinates of the princes and princesses might end up implicated if things went wrong.

Yi Yun naturally did not care about the implications. He was concerned if his freedom would be restricted by coming under Princess Soft Clouds.

If she could help him gather the materials for the Myriad Form Shura Pill, he could help her a little. However, those materials were not so easily obtainable…

“In that case, if I do not become a guest of Princess Soft Clouds, I will not be able to visit the fifth floor of the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda?”

The store manager said, “If the price is right, you can! But that will not work for the sixth floor. To enter the sixth floor, you need to be at least a quasi-Godly Monarch or quasi-Fey Thearch! Besides, our Treasure Fey Pagoda will be holding an auction in a few days. We will be sending out invitations and those without one will not be able to enter. And even if they do…”

The store manager paused before saying, “The treasures sold at the auction are all cream of the crop. Although ten Chaos Crystals is quite a sizable wealth, it will not even meet the starting prices of these top-grade treasures.”

The store manager said that with the obvious hint of putting Yi Yun down. He could tell that Yi Yun had a baffling sense of confidence. Such a thing was necessary for a young genius, but it was not so good in excess.

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