True Martial World – Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630: Immutable Soul Mark

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“This old man is looking down on you!” At that moment, Bai Yueyin’s voice sounded in Yi Yun’s mind.

Yi Yun thought nothing of it as he said, “It’s normal. He’s a store manager of the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda. His strength is about that of Primordial Chaos Daolord’s. Although I have presented myself as a genius, he probably thinks of me as a lucky junior who simply chanced upon some opportunities. Besides…”

Yi Yun paused. “It’s true that I’m lacking in wealth. About seventy percent of Shaomang Xuan’s savings and the harvest I reaped from the God Confusion Valley were used when I broke through to become a Royal Sealed Divine Lord. Now I’m only using the ten Chaos Crystals as a display of prowess, but this old man thinks nothing of it. If not for his wish to rope me in, he likely would not tend to me personally.”

Yi Yun also knew that the Fey cores of ancient mighty Fey and other excellent natural treasures he wished to buy were used by conglomerates as their stores’ highlight. His wealth was still insufficient and he could not even enter a top-class auction.

“Then what do you plan to do? Join Princess Soft Clouds?” asked Bai Yueyin.

“I’ll take things one step at a time. I don’t know a thing since this is my first time in Heaven Fey City.” Yi Yun was in no rush either.

The store manager could tell that Yi Yun was on the fence. He said, “In three days, a few princes and princesses will be battling on stage. If you are interested, you can take a look…”

After saying that, the store manager stood up. It was clear he was requesting Yi Yun leave.

Yi Yun thought nothing of that either. Since he could not view the sixth floor, his trip to the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda had been fruitless.

He directly walked out the Six Treasures Fey Pagoda.

“Obtaining riches is of paramount importance.” Yi Yun thought, and had some interest in the competition between the princes and princesses.

There was no harm in watching!

As Shan Ling mentioned, the grooming of princes and princesses by the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins was public knowledge. To fight for the throne was something bloody to begin with. In this aspect, the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins had no intention to hide the truth from the masses.

The Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins paid great importance to a person’s strength. The battles between princes and princesses were done openly with commoners as witnesses. The Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins believed that only a Ruins Emperor who had gone through such trials could gain the support of the commoners.

Apart from the princes and princesses, the other officials and children of kings could participate in the competition. Their strength and talent were determined from the results.

The competition was held in a huge square in front of Ancient Ruins palace. The square spanned fifteen kilometers and was equivalent to a tiny city.

Warriors were already gathered in the square with more than ninety percent of them being humans! Yi Yun made a rough estimate that there were about tens of thousands of spectators.

That few?

Yi Yun was somewhat surprised. He believed that the competition among royalty would gain the attention of the Heaven Fey City’s citizens, and there were more than ten million warriors residing in Heaven Fey City! Ignoring having the entire city show up, it would not be ridiculous if there were two to three hundred thousand people. The square was large enough to accommodate millions.

Before Yi Yun arrived, he heard rowdy shouts that sounded like tumultuous tidal waves. The voices contained potent lifeblood powers. For hundreds of kilometers in the sky, all the clouds had been blown away! Weak warriors would probably have their organs ruptured from the roars.

This made Yi Yun understand why there were so few people. Perhaps people at the Dao Palace realm and below would be vomiting blood after a short while.

However, the powerful Fey were immersed in the magnificent lifeblood powers and seemed to enjoy it.

Yi Yun also saw humans and Ghost warriors among the crowd. These warriors had lacking bodies, so they could only conjure barriers to withstand the lifeblood surges. This naturally earned the disdain of the Fey.

Although Yi Yun thought nothing of the lifeblood surges, he did not wish to invite attention on himself. He conjured a thin barrier and walked into the square.

There were just too many people so without taking a look, Yi Yun used his perception to learn of the situation in the center of the square.

He saw a massive Fey beast!

The Fey beast was a thousand feet tall and he had a pair of wings on his back. He looked like the legendary Qiongqi in the Sinkhole. The princes and princesses of the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins were to battle this Fey beast!

The Qiongqi’s strength was at peak Divine Lord strength. The princes and princesses battling it were not its match. Many of them were defeated after taking a few strikes.

And by the side of the ring, there were warriors who recorded the time every prince and princess lasted!

Yi Yun watched a few, and the longest one lasted not more than ninety seconds!

“The princes and princesses of the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins are indeed powerful!” Lin Xintong said. She could sense that they were young. In the Sinkhole, they would be top geniuses.

Yi Yun nodded. At that moment, he heard a tidal-like roar—

“Her Highness Soft Clouds! Her Highness Soft Clouds!”

Oh? It’s Princess Soft Clouds’s turn?

Yi Yun’s heart stirred. He was curious to know what sort of elite Princess Soft Clouds was.

At that moment, a red figure streaked through the sky. A petite woman in tight clothing who wielded a saber the length of a person flew up!

The woman had a forbidding stance, but she had exquisite facial features, making her look both tough and demure. She was tall and slender and her lifeblood powers raged like a river. Apart from the saber in her hand and a dagger tied to her thigh, the bearing she exuded did not resemble a princess’s, but that of a warrior.

But when Yi Yun saw her face, his body jolted…

He widened his eyes as his breathing stagnated.

How… could this be possible!?

He almost thought that he was seeing things. He carefully sensed the woman’s aura. With the passage of time, the aura had changed a little, but the soul mark that was carved deep into her Origins was immutable.

This woman was Yi Yun’s elder sister, his only kin in the Cloud Wilderness—Jiang Xiaorou!

“Is the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins royalty’s surname Jiang?” Yi Yun asked Shan Ling.


Shan Ling nodded as Yi Yun exhaled.

Indeed, Princess Soft Clouds. Previously, the store manager had mentioned that Sis Xiaorou had established a mountain manor. Could it be… Soft Clouds Mountain Manor?

Yi Yun recalled the past. Soft Clouds Mountain Manor had existed since his time in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Back then, Yi Yun was conferred the title of Kingdom Knight. He was bestowed with a fief where he built a manor. He had named it Soft Clouds (Rou Yun) Mountain Manor.

The word ‘rou’ came from Jiang Xiaorou’s name and ‘yun’ came from Yi Yun’s name.

Yi Yun never imagined that the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor of yesteryear would appear in the Chaos Heavens, in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins!

How did Sis Xiaorou come to the Chaos Heavens?

Yi Yun was baffled, but he knew that Jiang Xiaorou was no human.

In the lower realm, she was a member of the Desolate race!

Desolate implied the desolate plains. The Tian Yuan world had desolate beasts which were in essence Fey beasts. The Tian Yuan world’s Desolate Heaven Masters would refine desolate beasts into desolate beast relics.

Therefore, it was right to say that Jiang Xiaorou was a Fey.

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