True Martial World – Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631: Heaven Fey Totem

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Yi Yun knew that Jiang Xiaorou’s mother was of the fox race.

He had previously seen Jiang Xiaorou’s coronation as Desolate Queen on the altar. Back then, her mother, who was also the former Desolate Queen, once told him the story of Jiang Xiaorou’s father.

Her father was already heavily injured when he came to the Tian Yuan world’s vast wilderness.

According to Jiang Xiaorou’s mother, Jiang Xiaorou’s father was a member of the Ancient Fey race from the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven; however, from the looks of it, that was not the case.

Jiang Xiaorou’s father might have actually come from the Chaos Heavens, while the Tian Yuan world was just one of the many worlds in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. Her father might have first ended up in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven and stayed there for a period of time before heading to the Tian Yuan world.

As for why he went to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven and how he later ended up in the Tian Yuan world, Yi Yun had no idea.

He only knew that Jiang Xiaorou’s father had stayed in the Tian Yuan world for an extended period of time, so long that he had thoughts of staying in the Tian Yuan world forever.

As for what exactly happened back then, perhaps he could only learn it from Jiang Xiaorou.

And Jiang Xiaorou’s mother likely did not fully understand her partner’s true identity. The Chaos Heavens was just too incomprehensible to her.

As Yi Yun thought through these many things, Jiang Xiaorou had already begun battling the Fey beast which was equivalent to a peak human Divine Lord.

While Yi Yun paid attention to Jiang Xiaorou’s battle, he saw a purple totem in the form of a hexagram arise behind her!

There was an ancient Fey beast shadow on each corner of the hexagram. Two of them had already lit up.

“Heaven Fey Totem! A symbol of the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins’ royalty!”

When the totem lit up, the citizens of Heaven Fey City turned clearly excited. They cheered for Princess Soft Clouds and the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins royal family.

Fey were very territorial!

This was because they valued bloodline a lot.

Even collateral members of an ancient bloodline would be proud of their ancestors because of the blood that flowed in them.

It was not something humans could compare with.

Fey had surnames and clans. The two were different.

Surnames represented one’s family, while clans represented one’s bloodline.

The Desolate clan which Yi Yun encountered in the God Confusion Valley had the Shaomang family that Shaomang Xuan was a part of. It also included the Bronze clan which Bronze Drum was a part of. There were also other families of different surname and clans.

It was the same with Heaven Fey City. The royalty had the surname of Jiang, but remained subordinate to the Heaven Fey clan.

Most citizens of present-day Heaven Fey City were members of the Heaven Fey clan, but the Jiang family acted as leader.

The Jiang family members had an extremely pure bloodline. They were able to easily awaken their ancestors’ bloodline. And the symbol of an awakening was the stimulation of the Heaven Fey totem.

“Oh? There are six blurry figures on the hexagram…”

Yi Yun’s eyes focused and he realized that the top and bottom part of the hexagram were respectfully a black circular disk and a white halo.

They symbolized the two sacred opposites—Extreme Yang Illumination! Extreme Yin Nether Glow!

And the four surrounding blurry figures were the azure dragon, vermilion bird, white tiger, and black turtle.

They were the four spirits of heaven that represented the Four Directions!

The two which Jiang Xiaorou had lit were respectively the vermilion bird and white tiger!

Two sacred opposites and the four spirits of heaven… The Heaven Fey City’s totem is quite terrifying. The Fey royalty is indeed not something the Desolate clan bloodline could compare with.

Yi Yun watched attentively while also making connections to the Sinkhole and 12 Empyrean Heavens’ twelve Fey Gods. Among the twelve Fey Gods were the Extreme Yang Illumination and Extreme Yin Nether Glow! As for the other ten Fey Gods, their ranks included the Dragon Emperor and the Seven-colored Phoenix which were rather related to the azure dragon and vermilion bird.

Was there some connection?

As Yi Yun pondered over this, Jiang Xiaorou had already engaged the ancient Fey beast!

Jiang Xiaorou’s body appeared frail, but her weak and frail body contained terrifying explosive powers. She delivered punch after punch, each punch rendering the world asunder!

Despite being a Fey beast that had a peak human Divine Lord strength, its scale armored shattered from her strikes while blood splattered!

“Your Highness Soft Clouds! Your Highness Soft Clouds!”

The Heaven Fey City’s citizens roared fanatically. As citizens of the Heaven Fey clan, they were proud about the experts it produced.

Jiang Xiaorou turned more valiant the longer she did combat as blood splattered across the sky!

She seemed to be trouncing the Fey beast, but Yi Yun could tell that it was impossible for Jiang Xiaorou to truly defeat it.

She was unable to maintain her strength for long. The two divine beast figures that lit up on the totem were beginning to dim.

As for the Divine Lord Fey beast, its massive body afforded it extreme stamina. Although Jiang Xiaorou made it bleed, its vitality remained potent. It did not seem to care about these injuries.

Finally, it roared angrily. Its blade-like wings struck Jiang Xiaorou’s body, shattering her protective lifeblood. With a sweep of its tail, it sent Jiang Xiaorou flying!

The Fey beast was incensed as it attempted to chase up and continue chomping down on Jiang Xiaorou, but it was pressed down by a Fey expert!

“Soft Clouds, well done!” said the elder via voice transmission. He had a pleased smile.

In this trial for the prince and princesses, the other prince and princesses could hardly bear the Fey beast’s attacks. Only Princess Soft Clouds fought the Fey beast and did not even seem to lose harshly. That was already something enviable!

As for killing a Fey beast with peak Divine Lord strength, it was something impossible for Princess Soft Clouds to do considering she had cultivated for less than a thousand years.

Not only was it impossible for Princess Soft Clouds, there was no such genius in all of the Chaos Heavens.

Fighting as long as she did was already something to be proud of.

At that moment, the applause and cheers swept over the square like an incessant tide!

Tens of thousands of warriors cheered, manifesting lifeblood surges.

“Heaven Fey Dynasty! Forever and ever!”

Upon hearing the resounding shouts, Yi Yun could not help but sign inwardly. The Fey were truly a terrifying race. The cohesiveness they enjoyed from their bloodline made them almost impossible to eradicate.

Of course, there was a premise that the bloodline would not be thinned to the point of extinction. If not, the existence of the Fey would become like unrooted duckweed.

Jiang Xiaorou retreated and restored her lifeblood. The Fey beast was also removed as the battle between the princes and princesses came to an end. However, the crowd gathered in the square remained present.

Many people were brimming with excitement.

“I never expected Sis Xiaorou’s lifeblood powers to be this strong. From the looks of it, her father was no ordinary person. In the Cloud Wilderness, Sis Xiaorou failed to showcase any martial talent. It was likely because her blood lineage made her unsuitable for the cultivation of human manuals.”

After Yi Yun had this thought, he came to an enlightenment. No matter how talented the Fey disciples were, there was no benefit to them cultivating human cultivation techniques.

It was only after Jiang Xiaorou joined the vast wilderness and inherited the position as Desolate Queen that her strength increased significantly.

“Yi Yun…”

At that moment, Lin Xintong’s voice sounded. She clearly recognized Jiang Xiaorou, but she knew even less of Jiang Xiaorou’s father. She could not figure out why Jiang Xiaorou was appearing in the Chaos Heavens.

Yi Yun said, “There are many peculiarities that confuse me too. Let us meet Sis Xiaorou today and ask her everything.”


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