True Martial World – Chapter 1635

Chapter 1635: Soft Clouds Mountain Manor

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“Oh? There’s such a pill?” Jiang Xiaorou was taken aback.

How could any ordinary pill have any effects on the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins bloodline? Even if there were any that could enhance the bloodline, making them required the most secret techniques possible. Furthermore, there was a need to expend large amounts of resources, and even so, the effects would be insignificant.

Jiang Xiaorou guessed that Yi Yun’s pills were impressive, but they were mainly effective for humans. It was difficult to say how effective they were on the Heaven Fey royalty.

However, Jiang Xiaorou thought nothing of it. She thought for a moment before saying, “I will inform the Treasure Fey Pagoda to take note of the items. I’ll get them to use private means to spread the news.”

“Alright.” Yi Yun nodded.

With Jiang Xiaorou being Princess Soft Clouds, he would naturally be able to find the materials faster than doing it alone.

“Yun’er, Xintong, stay in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor. I still have so many things to say to you.” Jiang Xiaorou held Yi Yun’s hands as her eyes shimmered with delight.

Yi Yun smiled. “Don’t worry, Sis Xiaorou. We wouldn’t leave even if you wanted to chase us away. I’m just afraid that you will find me irritating whenever you see me.”

“Look at you making fun of me now,” said Jiang Xiaorou with a giggle.

They conversed for a little longer and while Jiang Xiaorou was preparing to get someone to settle in Yi Yun and company, she sent out a few voice transmission talismans. She made Treasure Fey Pagoda spread the news and pay attention to any information regarding the herbs and Fey cores.

After this was done, Jiang Xiaorou ate lunch with Yi Yun. The siblings seldom had a reunion meal, so they enjoyed it thoroughly.

After lunch, Jiang Xiaorou planned on sending Yi Yun to Soft Clouds Mountain Manor when she saw Rain Numinous standing by the hall’s entrance.

“Aunt Rain.”

“Young Master Lin is your younger brother?”

“Yes…” Jiang Xiaorou noticed that Rain Numinous did not appear to be happy.

“Does the news regarding the herbs you spread through Treasure Fey Pagoda have anything to do with your brother?”

Jiang Xiaorou turned embarrassed when Rain Numinous phrased her sentence that way.

“Do you know that your present status is very delicate in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins? Do you know how many eyes are staring at you?”

Jiang Xiaorou fell silent. She knew that it was impossible for Rain Numinous to like Yi Yun. If Yi Yun was a descendant of a family with a pure Fey bloodline, she would have definitely been happy, believing that they had an additional helping hand. However, Yi Yun was human.

Fey ostracized humans to begin with. And Jiang Xiaorou’s identity was special. Her mother was of lowly birth and she was pampered by the Blood King. She was already under criticism, but now, there was the addition of a human brother.

Not only so, Jiang Xiaorou was even using the Treasure Fey Pagoda’s resources to seek herbs for her brother.

“Leave Young Master Lin’s arrangements to me. Treasure Fey Pagoda is still lacking a red-shirt store manager. He can be assigned there. It’s best he does not stay in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor before you become a Fey Thearch. It’s also best you do not meet often. As for the resources you wish to provide Young Master Lin, it’s not impossible. However, it cannot affect your cultivation. Do you know how valuable those treasures you seek are?”

Rain Numinous’s tone had become infuriated by the time she finished her sentence. She had been a follower of the Blood King for years. Her cultivation level was approaching that of a Fey Thearch’s, so her standing in the Blood King Palace was higher than even the concubines. She was also considered Jiang Xiaorou’s senior.

Usually, Rain Numinous was very polite to Jiang Xiaorou, but when she encountered anything she did not approve of, she would not hesitate to reprimand her.

“I have no idea how long it will take to become a Fey Thearch.” Jiang Xiaorou frowned. She understood Rain Numinous’s intentions. She did not want her to acknowledge Yi Yun before she became a Fey Thearch.

Being crown designate was a very sensitive matter. If a future Ruins Empress were to openly announce her siblinghood with a human—one that was so close—the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins would not feel at ease handing the throne of Ruins Empress to her. Perhaps, they might suspect, she would end up giving away all the resources of the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins.

“Your Highness, you do know that the path to becoming a Fey Thearch is long and arduous. Only by becoming a mighty figure like the Blood King will Your Highness have the ability to protect those around you. Your Highness and Her Majesty are both protected by the Blood King.”

“Aunt Rain, I understand what you are getting at. In fact, the pills my brother wishes to refine are also beneficial to my bloodline. Besides… you do not know my brother. He will not become a burden on me. Back in the lower realm, I was protected by him. Without him, I wouldn’t even be standing here alive. He headed to the 12 Empyrean Heavens alone and, without a bloodline or family clan’s support, he has attained this much. And now, he found me before I could find him! Aunt Rain, do you think I’ll become a Fey Thearch first? Actually, it’s more likely that Yun’er will become a Godly Monarch faster than me.”

Jiang Xiaorou trusted Yi Yun wholeheartedly, but Rain Numinous shook her head.

Ignoring the fact that it was very difficult to produce a Godly Monarch—even if Yi Yun’s talent was unparalleled, making it easy for him to become a Godly Monarch—Jiang Xiaorou was a royalty elite to begin with. For an elite royal to have the thought of being inferior to a human genius and even rely on them was unacceptable.

Rain Numinous felt that Jiang Xiaorou wished to groom Yi Yun into a Godly Monarch. That way, Jiang Xiaorou would indeed have a stabler future, but how could a future Ruins Empress rely on others?

Perhaps… Xiaorou was ultimately too soft in character. Although she had been fighting for the throne over the years, it was still too difficult to take it with her character.

“I’ll arrange for Young Master Lin to live in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor… Also, I will report this to the Blood King.”

Rain Numinous did not continue since Jiang Xiaorou was unamenable to advice. She decided to leave everything to the Blood King.

Soft Clouds Mountain Manor was located in the city district behind Heaven Fey City. It was considered outside the city. There were all sorts of manors that housed the different members of royalty nearby.

The mountain manor occupied a vast amount of land. Although it was described as a mountain manor, it was actually no different from a tiny city.

Picturesque scenes and rare beasts could be seen everywhere. It was like an immortal’s paradise.

Rain Numinous was silent the entire way while Yi Yun and Lin Xintong followed her in tow. In fact, Yi Yun had guessed what was on Rain Numinous’s mind.

His appearance had brought immense pressure on Jiang Xiaorou.

Furthermore, the resources he was seeking were priceless treasures.

Unfortunately, he had expended too much of what he obtained in the God Confusion Valley. If not, he would not have put Sis Xiaorou into a difficult position.

“Tell me if there’s anything you need during your stay here in the mountain manor,” When Rain Numinous said this, she gave Yi Yun a deep, meaningful look. “It’s a critical period for Her Highness; she needs large amounts of resources to nourish her bloodline. In two years, she will be vying for a spot for the Fey Altar, something that will determine her future! Her Highness cannot afford to fail!”

Vying for a spot for the Fey Altar?

Yi Yun’s heart stirred, but he did not ask further.

Rain Numinous continued, “Everyone in the mountain manor is conserving resources. The Blood King has also provided Her Highness with large amounts of resources; so please be magnanimous if you encounter any poor hospitality from us.”

Rain Numinous’s attitude was cold, but her words remained polite.

How could Yi Yun not understand what she was getting at? He had changed his looks because of the Heavenly Dao fragment, but he felt that he could not keep a low profile anymore. Sis Xiaorou was already in a terrible state, so if he continued keeping a low profile, it was unlikely she could persist on. Furthermore, it would make refining the Myriad Form Shura Pill impossible.

“Senior Rain, it seems you are mistaken about me. I did have some intent of getting Sis Xiaorou’s help to find the herbs, but those herbs when refined into pills would be very helpful to Sis Xiaorou as well.”

Despite Yi Yun saying so, all Rain Numinous did was look at him indifferently. She did not even bother raising any doubts. How could a human understand the Heaven Fey bloodline that was highly confidential in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins? Even Fey Thearchs were unaware of those mystic techniques that enhanced one’s bloodline.

“Senior Rain, there’s nothing I can do if you choose not to believe me. However, I heard that Soft Clouds Mountain Manor has recruited many guest mercenaries. Then, please instruct me on the missions available. I’m still rather confident about my strength. Since I’m staying here, I have to pay my dues. As long as it’s any chores below that of a Godly Monarch’s attention, I can resolve them.”

Rain Numinous was stunned when Yi Yun said so. She immediately became enraged.

Everything below a Godly Monarch was a chore?

This Yi Yun sure was arrogant!

Even Rain Numinous herself was not at the Fey Thearch realm!

“Fairy Rain, is this human the newly recruited mercenary? What arrogance. Did he just imply that all us are only here to do chores?”

At that moment, more than ten Fey warriors walked over. Most of them were at the Fey Lord realm and they were dressed differently.

They were mercenaries of the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor.

Yi Yun gave them a nonchalant glance. In fact, he had long noticed their impending arrival. How could they not greet Rain Numinous, a powerful housekeeper of Blood King Palace?

Despite noticing them, Yi Yun still threw out his sentence. He had no plans on keeping a low profile.

Upon seeing this scene, Rain Numinous fell silent. From her point of view, Yi Yun was only a mercenary, one who was especially difficult to handle. The mercenaries of the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor were all capable people. They were naturally proud people and were not impressed by anyone. Conflict between them was common and they resolved it among themselves. She was happy that Yi Yun had embroiled himself in the conflict for she could use the opportunity to take him down a notch.

Seeing Rain Numinous silent, Yi Yun understood her intentions. He roared with laughter. “What did Senior Rain say previously? Soft Clouds Mountain Manor is conserving resources for Her Highness Soft Clouds’s cultivation?”

“I was finding it odd. Would Soft Clouds Mountain Manor be that short of resources? Now I understand that Soft Clouds Mountain Manor has been feeding a motley crew. These people do not do a thing despite consuming resources. Can the position of crown designate be won just by their eating? What a joke! If this continues, it would be better for Her Highness Soft Clouds to give up early. If these resources were saved up and I was the one put in charge of them, I can guarantee that these limited resources would be employed where they are needed most. Her Highness Soft Clouds would improve further!” Yi Yun said without a care.

He was a human and stuck out too much among a group of Fey. If he were to continue keeping a low profile, there was no need to refine the Myriad Form Shura Pill. Even if Sis Xiaorou wanted to help him, how could she freely use the Treasure Fey Pagoda’s resources as a junior?

Even if he gleaned information of the whereabouts of the herbs, it was pointless if he could not buy them!

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words, the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor mercenaries were infuriated. Even Rain Numinous felt displeased. Yi Yun was being too arrogant.

“Alright! Interesting!” The mercenaries present had been provoked by Yi Yun. A Fey Lord had produced an indistinct Heaven Fey totem behind him. He was from the Heaven Fey clan, but he was not of royal blood; therefore, his bloodline powers were limited.

But even so, he was considered the cream of the crop among Heaven Fey. He said, “Senior Rain, we should not keep such arrogant fools in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor. A person like him will cause more harm than good. I’ll cripple him and thrown him out today!”

The Fey Lord leaped up as all his lifeblood powers erupted. Like an uncaged beast, he charged at Yi Yun.


He punched out with explosive lifeblood powers!

Yi Yun did not even move, for the silent Lin Xintong had stepped out from beside him and approached the Fey Lord like a ghost.


She unsheathed her long sword, producing snow-like sword flashes. In an instant, the Fey Lord found his raging lifeblood freezing as though it had met the coldness of the deepest chasm. His blood frosted up and he could only watch helplessly as the sword stabbed at his chest.


Blood splattered as ice formed in mid-air!

The other Fey Lords who had good relationships with him realized that the situation was amiss. Someone charged forward, but Lin Xintong’s hands moved as fast as the wind. Her sword was thrust as a second person was sent flying by Lin Xintong.

“This woman is that strong?”

Everyone was astonished. The Fey were incensed that they were being repressed by a female human. A mercenary converged his aura in a bid to sneak an attack on Lin Xintong, but at that moment, another figure flew out from the God Advent Tower which Yi Yun brought around.

The figure was also a woman and she was none other than Shan Ling!

Shan Ling had a Fey Lord cultivation level. Previously, she had been seriously injured in the Xuanyuan Dune and did not have Chaos Ores to replenish her lifeblood, causing her to be devoid of strength. She had been like Yi Yun when he first arrived in the Chaos Heavens, and just like he was after the God Confusion Valley her lifeblood powers had long been replenished. Yi Yun had also given her the core cultivation technique of the Shaomang family clan. Her strength had even increased past her peak state.

Although she was not necessarily stronger than the Fey Lord mercenaries, it was no problem for her to withstand their blows.


The sneaky Fey Lord’s two fists were blocked by Shan Ling’s single palm. Meanwhile, Lin Xintong had also slashed out with her sword as it headed straight for the his throat!

Sneaking an attack was a contemptible action, so Lin Xintong did not hold back either.

The sword flashes were incredulously fast as space was torn apart, revealing black rifts!

Upon seeing the sword flash surging towards him, the Fey Lord felt that his entire body was fixed in place by the sword’s might. The sword’s glimmer made the immobile him know that there was no question about where his brains would be in the next instant.


With his life on the line, the Fey Lord yelled in horror.


At that moment, Yi Yun lightly spoke out. Despite his voice being slow, he was able to finished the word in a composed manner in that split second.


Lin Xintong’s sword came to a sudden halt, right inside the Fey Lord’s flesh.

A quarter of his neck had already been sliced opened!

The sword’s blade did not fully penetrate him, but blood flowed down Lin Xintong’s cold blade. The bodily defenses that the Fey were always proud of was nothing but paper mache to Lin Xintong’s sword.

If Yi Yun had not shouted for her to stop, the Fey Lord would have been beheaded by Lin Xintong.

Instantly, there was silence. The Fey Lord who had his neck sliced open by Lin Xintong trembled, but he did not dare move.

“As I said, it’s nothing but a motley crew. You can’t even beat my woman and maidservant, and here you are scrounging for free food. If I were you, I would have committed suicide out of shame long ago.” As Yi Yun spoke, he gave Rain Numinous a nonchalant look. He had done all of this because of the problematic woman.

“What? Maidservant?” The mercenaries looked at Shan Ling immediately. She was the weakest of them, so the so-called maidservant could only be her.

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