True Martial World – Chapter 1636

Chapter 1636: Marquis Bi Lin

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Shan Ling fell silent after she stopped her attacks.

Although the Desolate clan was inferior to the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins, Shaomang Xuan’s standing in the Desolate clan was extraordinary. He was already halfway considered a member of the Desolate clan’s upper echelons.

This was in no way inferior to the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins candidates who were vying to be crown designate. Back when Yi Yun met Shan Ling, he was extremely surprised that she was just a mere maidservant despite her talent.

It was fine if it was Shaomang Xuan having Shan Ling as a maidservant, that was considered normal.

However, Yi Yun was human!

At this moment, Shan Ling was already using the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book to change her looks. The present crowd did not know where Shan Ling came from. They found it baffling that a genius female Fey who had become a Fey Lord at such a young age would be willing to be a human Divine Lord’s maidservant.

There was also Lin Xintong. Her bone age was frightening small, yet she had freakish combat strength. She had just fought four alone; if not for Yi Yun’s instruction to halt the fight, she would have already slain one of them. Such talent made everyone present extremely embarrassed.

They were too useless. Compared to this human girl, it was like they had lived their lives in vain.

And for a human like Yi Yun, a female Fey Lord was willing to submit to him while a peerless genius was willing to be his woman. How could he be weak?

“Senior Rain, I will not be a freeloader in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor. I do need Her Highness Soft Clouds to provide me with some resources, but when used by me, they would be much more meaningful than rearing this motley crew.”

Yi Yun spoke without any qualms. It was practically smacking them in the face, but no one dared to retort him. The human girl’s sword was still at the Fey Lord’s neck and had yet been retracted!

The Fey Lord did not even dare move.

“Hahahaha! I was wondering who it was to be this arrogant!” At that moment, there was a long laughter.

Everyone looked over and saw a man dressed in a python robe. His eyes were sharp and he had the air of a king.

Upon seeing this man, everyone was delighted.

“Marquis Bi Lin!”

“It’s Marquis Bi Lin!”

Marquis Bi Lin?

Yi Yun looked at the man and was unsure what his identity was. However, he was definitely someone of importance in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins considering how he was conferred the title of marquis.

“Peak Fey Lord…”

Yi Yun sensed the man’s cultivation level. Fey Lord cultivation levels naturally had its own power that matched human Divine Lords.

Humans were categorized by the number of Divine Lord Royal Seals they condensed.

As for Fey Lords, they were categorized by the number of times their Fey cores were tempered. Tempered Fey core, double-tempered Fey core, and triple-tempered Fey core corresponded to the Royal Sealed Divine Lord, double-sealed Divine Lord, and triple-sealed Divine Lords.

In fact, the number of temperings did not fully represent one’s strength. Some Fey’s single tempering of their Fey core was equivalent to the triple-tempering of others’ Fey cores.

It was the same principle with Divine Lord Royal Seals. For instance, Yi Yun’s Divine Lord Royal Seal alone was worth more than ten seals of others. The Heavenly Dao Royal Seal was just too terrifying. It was almost impossible for Yi Yun to fuse with another Heavenly Dao Royal Seal, much less three.

Under such a situation, being a double-sealed Divine Lord was Yi Yun’s limit.

However, with the degree of tempering impossible to determine while identifying the number of tempering a Fey core had, it became the standard to determine a Fey Lord’s strength.

At this moment, Marquis Bi Lin was deliberately showcasing his strength—it was none other than a triple-tempered Fey core!

This was a clear show of force. Typical Fey Lords would not flaunt the level of tempering of their Fey cores. Many would even deliberately keep it a secret.

“Is this an opening gambit?” Yi Yun chuckled. It was obviously meant for him.

However, a question puzzled him. He originally believed that the people who lived in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor were all her guest mercenaries. However, why was a marquis among them?

This person appeared to have a very unique standing.

Yi Yun noticed that Rain Numinous looked at Marquis Bi Lin with a hint of barely perceptible displeasure.

Rain Numinous actually does not like Marquis Bi Lin? As such, Yi Yun was even more certain that Marquis Bi Lin was not Jiang Xiaorou’s guest mercenary. At the very least, he was not one under the same framework as others.

But under such circumstances, the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor’s mercenaries seemed to respect him and even honor him. That seemed interesting.

“Why don’t you give a self-introduction?” asked Yi Yun nonchalantly.

Marquis Bi Lin did not say a word, but his subordinate beside him said proudly, “My master is a Heaven Fey marquis. His elder sister, Madam Bi Yun, was married into the Blood King Palace and was given the title of Imperial Noble Consort! Marquis’s noble title was conferred by the reigning Ruins Emperor!”

A few words from the subordinate made Yi Yun understand. So this fellow was the Blood King’s brother-in-law. For the Blood King to add a concubine to his harem, it was nothing odd choosing a junior who was a few thousand years old. It was likely that Madam Bi Yun was young.

Interesting. The Blood King’s queen was Xiaorou’s mother. The Imperial Noble Consort was likely second to the queen.

Since Bi Yun could become Imperial Noble Consort while Bi Lin was conferred marquis, it likely meant that the Bi family was extremely terrifying. Perhaps a large part of the pressure Xiaorou’s mother was facing came from the Bi family!

Marquis Bi Lin was not much older than Shaomang Xuan. With the aggression that came with his young age and his good background, how could a genius that viewed himself as superior be only willing to be marquis?

He probably wanted to cause stirs during court sessions with the emperor! Therefore, he temporarily lived in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor and built ties with Jiang Xiaorou’s mercenaries. In name, he was helping Jiang Xiaorou fight for the title of crown designate, but who knew what he was really up to?

Now that Blood King only had Jiang Xiaorou as a child, if Madam Bi Yun were to bear a child, what would Marquis Bi Lin do?

This was likely why Rain Numinous did not like Marquis Bi Lin.

In just a simple introduction, Yi Yun had guessed almost everything about Marquis Bi Lin. The relationships among the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins royalty sure was complicated!

“I heard that my niece recently acknowledged a younger brother?” Marquis Bi Lin said languidly.

Yi Yun was momentarily taken aback before he jolted to his senses. Marquis Bi Lin was referring to Jiang Xiaorou as his niece. However, what kind of status did Jiang Xiaorou have? He was being too casual calling her his niece.

Furthermore, Jiang Xiaorou had only reunited with him for less than half a day. Yet, he had already learned of the news. It was obvious that he kept Jiang Xiaorou under close scrutiny.

“I heard that the out-of-the-blue brother’s surname is Lin. Could it be you… Young Master Lin? Hahaha!” Marquis Bi Lin laughed out rapturously. “In terms of familial seniority, you should call me uncle. This Soft Clouds Mountain Manor has fallen under my direction in recent times. The resources are also handled by me. Why, are you questioning my management of Soft Clouds Mountain Manor?”

The second half of Marquis Bi Lin’s sentence turned stern!

He had a triple-tempered Fey core and was already standing at the peak of Fey Lords. No matter how much of a genius Lin Xintong was, how could he mind it? How could he permit Yi Yun to wreak havoc in a territory he ruled over?

“So you are the useless housekeeper of Soft Clouds Mountain Manor!” Yi Yun roared with laughter. “It’s no wonder the motley crew looked like they were licking boots the moment you appeared. So you are the one who has been handing out the resources? Are you using Her Highness Soft Clouds’s resources to develop your own faction? When Madam Bi Yun produces offspring, you can use these connections to pull over these good-for-nothings and come under a new master, right? Hahaha!”

It could be said that Yi Yun spoke without any fear!

When he said that, Marquis Bi Lin’s expression turned livid. Everyone around had a change in expression, including Rain Numinous. Her eyes focused on Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s words had offended many! Such things were understood, but never spoken.

This was because Madam Bi Yun’s background was too powerful. She was unable to be queen when she married the Blood King, so she could only be Imperial Noble Consort. With most of Blood King Palace’s resources provided to Jiang Xiaorou, allowing Marquis Bi Lin to handle finance was actually a form of compensation.

This was a silent undertaking everyone knew, but Yi Yun had ruthlessly exposed it.

“I must say that your sister’s name sure is inauspicious. Madam Bi Yun sounds like Madam Contraception 1 Yet she probably will not have offspring the rest of her life.” The second half of Yi Yun’s sentence was said with a voice transmission. He was not afraid of Madam Contraception, but stirring trouble with her implicated the Blood King. It was not wise to say it in public.

“You have a death wish!” Yi Yun’s words infuriated Marquis Bi Lin. He never expected Yi Yun to be that arrogant! It was not a mere provocation anymore, for it was reason for him to kill Yi Yun.

“Ah!” At that moment, Marquis Bi Lin’s body emitted a roar. His lifeblood powers boiled as azure lifeblood manifested and an azure wyrm phantom behind him!

The azure wyrm gyrated as it stirred the clouds and rain! The entire sky above the Soft Clouds Mountain Manor was covered with black clouds in a tempestuous manner.

“One with an ant’s strength dares fight a True Dragon?” Yi Yun suddenly smacked down when he saw Marquis Bi Lin erupt his strength.

The palm brought with it the power of the Heavenly Dao, making it as though the heavens were collapsing!


The gathered clouds obviously could not withstand the smiting blow as they disintegrated apart! Even the wyrm behind Marquis Bi Lin that flailed its claws had vanished suddenly. It was as though it had experienced the greatest horror and was immediately sent into hiding!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The protective lifeblood defenses that protected Marquis Bi Lin appeared like shards of glass. They exploded and suppressed Marquis Bi Lin to the ground.


The corners of Marquis Bi Lin’s mouth seeped blood. His face was filled with horror for he never expected Yi Yun to be so powerful.

“Ah!” Marquis Bi Lin roared out as strange blood patterns surfaced over his body. It appeared like a particular family clan mystic art, but Yi Yun thought nothing of it. He continued exerting strength with his palm as Marquis Bi Lin’s blood patterns exploded with cracking sounds!

From the side, Rain Numinous watched in horror. The Bi family’s wyrm mystic art involved their distant ancestors’ bloodlines. Although Marquis Bi Lin was only able to revealed limited strength, it should not have been so easily cracked by Yi Yun. Yi Yun’s strength was just too terrifying.

He was probably approaching that of a quasi-Godly Monarch!

“As I mentioned before, Soft Clouds Mountain Manor’s housekeeper should be changed. Look at you, not only do you cause a mess in Soft Clouds Mountain Manor. All of you are nothing but trash to begin with, but you had the nerve to use your middling bloodline powers to fight me?”

“You made me think of you as an expert when you showcased your triple-tempered Fey core. From the looks of it, your triple-tempered Fey core is only for show; it has no bark.

Yi Yun kept shaking his head as Marquis Bi Lin struggled desperately. However, he remained held to the ground. His flesh and blood was beginning to disintegrate, but he was unable to stand up while slumped on the ground. It was an utter humiliation!

The corners of Yi Yun’s mouth curled up as he said to Lin Xintong, “Xintong, shatter his Fey core.”

“Alright.” Lin Xintong drew her sword. She could not be bothered with Marquis Bi Lin’s identity. Yi Yun was her husband, and so only listen to him alone.

Upon seeing Lin Xintong’s cold gaze while showing no hesitation to deliver the blow, Marquis Bi Lin’s expression changed. Once a Fey core was destroyed, it was basically gone!

“Shut up!” The person who had spoken was Rain Numinous. “You can’t touch him.”

Marquis Bi Lin had a powerful background. Crippling him only meant immense trouble.

Yi Yun smiled. “Since Senior Rain is pleading on his behalf, I can spare him. However… this person is too much of a good-for-nothing. I don’t think he’s suitable to be housekeeper of Soft Clouds Mountain Manor. Why don’t you give the position to me?”

Yi Yun said those words openly, causing the surroundings warriors to break out into cold sweat.

This Yi Yun was too domineering!

They originally saw Rain Numinous bring a human Divine Lord over and believed they could bully him. Humans among Fey were like lambs encountering a pack of wolves. However, they never expected that Yi Yun was akin to a ferocious Ancient Fey!

All of them added up, together with Marquis Bi Lin, who was both powerful and a strong background, had been suppressed by Yi Yun!

Rain Numinous gave Yi Yun a glance as she fell silent.

She really did not like Yi Yun, finding him too arrogant. It was obvious that he had immense ambition and, with Xiaorou’s unconditional trust in him, Rain Numinous was worried, afraid that he would fool Xiaorou. Was Xiaorou able to control such a brother?

Of course, Rain Numinous also disliked Marquis Bi Lin. His savage ambition was basically obvious!

Although Yi Yun might fool Jiang Xiaorou, he ultimately could still be genuine towards Xiaorou.

As for the Marquis Bi Lin, it was already a given fact. Weighing the pros and cons, it was better if Yi Yun became a housekeeper.

If he was made to give up his position because of his inferiority, Madam Bi Yun would not be able to say a word.

Therefore, Rain Numinous chose not to say anything.

Marquis Bi Lin insisted, “I’m a son of the Bi clan. If you dare maim me, the Bi clan will absolutely not spare you!”

“Oh? That frightens me.” Yi Yun scoffed as he gave Lin Xintong a glance. “Satisfy him.”

Without a word, Lin Xintong attacked immediately.

The sword flashes were like three-feet white silk as they stabbed straight into Marquis Bi Lin’s Fey core!


Marquis Bi Lin let out a bellow, but at that moment, Lin Xintong’s sword had penetrated out his body. There was no hesitation in her attack!


The sword had torn right through his flesh, stopping when the tip touched the Fey core.

I was not because Lin Xintong had held back, but it was because Rain Numinous was holding down Lin Xintong’s sword.

Rain Numinous was alarmed as well. This girl actually dared attack! If she had not intercepted the blow, Marquis Bi Lin would have been crippled!

At that moment, Marquis Bi Lin was covered in sweat. At his position, being crippled was worse than death. Even if it was possible to exact revenge on Yi Yun, being crippled meant being crippled. There was no return.

“You… You…” Marquis Bi Lin’s lips trembled.

“From this day forth, the position of Soft Clouds Mountain Manor’s housekeeper shall be left to Young Master Lin,” Rain Numinous gave Yi Yun a deep, meaningful look as she said.

Immediately, she sent a voice transmission into Yi Yun’s ear. “I know you are ambitious, but Xiaorou trusts you greatly. If you cheat her, I’ll absolutely not spare you!”

“Ambitious?” Yi Yun smiled. “I believe you are mistaken, Senior Rain. My ambition doesn’t lie with the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins. I wanted the position of housekeeper because I believe it makes things more convenient!”

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